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Yard Boy

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A couple of years ago, I lived out in the country on over two acres. There was no way that I could cut that big yard by myself and was lucky enough to see an ad posted at a little convenience store by a teenager wanting to do odd jobs and yard work.

I called and Jason showed up, all 5'8', about 180, blond hair down to his neck and looking very stud like and sexy dressed in his blue jean cut off that were about six inches above his knees and his tight fitting t-shirt.

He said that his name was Justin, he was 18, and liked working outdoors; so he was perfect. I showed him where the mower and yard equipment was and he went to work.

About an hour later, Justin came to the door and asked for a glass of water. I told him to come on in and take a break as he was sweating and his shirt was soaked, not to mention those little shorts were so wet, I could see every curve and outline they tried to cover.

He asked if he could remove the shirt and I said 'make yourself comfortable' and in seconds he had stripped down, removed his shirt and his jean shorts and he was standing there in a pair of white tighty whities that were soaking wet also; leaving nothing to the imagination.

About that time as I handed him his water, he saw my massage table in the corner of the room and enquired what it was for.

I explained that I do massage and reflexology; to which he asked if I thought I would work on him when he was finished with the yard, sure, why not I told him.

He put his shorts back on and went back to work and returned when he was finished in about an hour, walking on in like I had told him and then he stripped totally right in the middle of the living room office, revealing a nice 5 1/2 inch, fully erect Dick, standing at full mast up his body.

I tried to ignore it all and went to work on him and did his neck, shoulders, butt area, and legs, then he turned over and I did the feet, worked my way up his legs to where they meet the 'Package' .. and as I did the insides of the upper thighs, he was leaking pre cum. I went on around the package and worked up the sides of his torso massaging the body, chest, stomach arms and hands, finally down to the abdominal area. Justin was now moaning and twitching, his Dick was kinda moving around on it's own and cum was slowly leaking down the side as I was finishing up his abdominal area, he asked for a 'Happy Ending' saying he'd never had a massage before, much less a 'Happy Ending' although he'd heard of them so; why not?

I took his shaft at the bottom and gripped it very firmly as I took oil and rubbed it around the head, pulling the skin down. Moving my hand up and down his shaft, as I rotated my hand, was sending him into another world. I took the other hand, and began massaging his balls and soft spot right below the balls, and that was all it took. He convulsed two or three times and erupted with three long shots of his young man juice, and continued with about four more smaller shots, then lay there like he was exhausted.

He finally sat up telling me his girlfriend had TRIED before to give massages etc; BUT that he believes that only a guy can know what another guy likes, thus can do so much better than most females can.

So, we made a deal. Each time he does my yard, he got a massage. Needless to say I had the best looking yard in the area.

Yes; it did go a little further, but that is not a story for this site.



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