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Ya Sure Do Learn New Things Everyday!

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This is 100% true! I loved it, so I'm sure you will.


Well let me start by saying that this site is great and I visit all the time. And these really help me when I need something to get me really horny. I've been here so much so I figured I should contribute like everyone else. My contribution is about some techniques I've learned and even read from here. And it's also about my first time ever masturbating and other sexual incidents that were so much bundles of fun to do.
Growing up my parents usually worked opposite shifts so that one was always home. But then when I got to the age of 12 we had to move because of the rent and stuff like that. When we moved into our new duplex I had to share a room with my oldest brother which really sucked. Well my mother lost her job so stuff was tight, but when she found a new one she had the same shift as my Dad, so this opened up a new oppurtunity for me. And me just coming in my teens I was feeling the hormones kick in. But I wasn't exactly quit sure as to what was going on. Well as it worked out both of my parents didn't get home til 6, so I had a good time amount of no parents! Every teens desire! By the way I'm 18 now just to let you all know. Anywayz, one night while my brother was watching a movie in the living room I was in my room cuz I was tired, and he wasn't any where around. Then suddenly I got an odd feeling in my dick. It felt kinda harder then usual to me, I wasn't quiet sure why. So like any curious teen or kid I started to rub it and nothing really happened. So then I layed face down on the bed and started grinding into the bed with my hard dick. It hurt a little, but actually started feeling good. Then I started grinding harder and harder, it started to feel really good, but then I could feel my dick getting really hot, so I thought of a way to cool it down. I started to rub my dick up and down against my wall which was cool because it was winter. I noticed that this felt even better so I rub faster and faster until finally I came on the wall, at the time I didn't know what happened but I know it felt good and weird at the same time. Around that time in school I had my health classed and learned exactly everything that I need to know. So when I found that it wasn't really a bad thing I started the fine art of masturbation on a regular basis.
And that was how it all started. Now this is how I progressed into what I do now. While growing up masturbating I'd come home and it would be an everyday thing, I got into pillow humping and love it still. I'd always cum on my pillow and it felt soooo awesome. Then when I stayed home alone from school sick, I'd go on a masturbating rampage! I'd get off every time I got hard. I even recorded myself a couple of times, which was so hot! I did erase the tape tho, I never kept them, it was still awesome to do tho. I recommend it, just like everything else that is in this story. I even tried eatting my own cum once, but it just didn't sit right wit me, I always gagged when I tried. BUT! Oh there is a but! I used to be flexible and I could get like almost the whole head of my dick in my mouth when I got off. That was so great, when I was home alone especially! I'd get totally naked and get off right in the middle of the living room, with a porno on the I found my in Dad's movies. Then I'd roll over myself and reached up and started licking my hard dick, it felt so awesome, I ran and got some lotion and started to jack my dick hard and fast, then I got so hard that I got almost the whole head and more in my mouth. I started sucking nice and hard and swirled my tounge on it. While doing that I was still stroking my hard dick, then finally everything was picked up in pace and I was in a totally different world. I was feeling sooo good and wanted more so I sped up and started humming and moaning on my dick, making the vibrations was so awesome! Then finally I felt the cum surging thru my dick and burst in my mouth. That was the only time I ate my cum like that. It was so awesome I didn't want to make a mess so I drank it all. At the time it tasted good, but it was nasty to me afterwards. I did cum in my mouth several other times, but that's other stories.
Anyways, after a while we moved from that duplex, I did have my first and many sexual experiance(s) with a girl(s) in the duplex tho. It was unexpected, actually, we had to do a project together in social studies and we couldn't finish in school. We were ok friends and talked sometimes. Well when she came over one day. We were talking about the assignment and stuff in general and we wondered into the convo about sex and our experiance. I told her honestly that I haven't had any experiances with a girl and she said the same about guys. Then she asked ME if I ever masturbated! I was like whhhaaaat! This is crazy, this only happenes in movies. Well I told her yes that I have, then she asked if I ever had anyone watch. I told her no and that I wouldn't mind tho. So happily obliged and we sat down on my bed and I removed my pants and shorts and my dick just hung there. She looked at it with amazement. She said it was the first time she had seen one in person. When she said that my dick jerked and started to grow. She smiled and told me to sit down and start. As I sat down she got up and followed my suit. She removed her pants and thong. This was also my first pussy in person. It was gorgeous, perfectly trimmed! And it smelled good too! She sat down and started playing with herself, I joined in with her rhythem. We sat there watching each other play with ourselves happily and lovingly. Finaly we started kissing while continuing to get ourselves off. As we both started to quicken our paces we exchanged places with our hands and proceed to rub and stroke each other. She started to moan when I found her clit and rubbed over and over. Finally we both came in a loud burst of energy. She moaned my name, as I with hers. We sat and talked things out and hooked up, so many more other interesting instances that can't be told on this site.
Well after the move we were in a house not too far from the old duplex. When we moved here I finally got my own room cuz my brother moved out. I had so many masturbation sessions in that room it was unbelieveable. It also saw much action of the same from the duplex, many mutual masturbations and other sexual deeds, but as I said before, they're not suitable for this site. Hehe. Anywayz it was in this house I descovered float fucking! We had our own pool so my dad bought us floats for it. The one I had a cup holder with it. One day while I was swimming I noticed the cup holder in a totally different way and the possibilities ran in my head. So I unplugged it and folded it up and took it to my room, at the time my parents were still on the same shift, so this was an easy task for me. When I got back up to my room I blew it up again and locked my door. I layed it down on the floor and went to work. But as soon as I tried to slide my dick it, the friction wasn't going to let it go in. It wasn't lubed up. So being the clever guy that I am I ran to my mom's bathroom and grabbed the lotion. I lubed up my dick and went to town. To that date, that was the best solo performance ever. I fucked the float for so long and it felt so good with the lotion. Finally I cumed in a loud moan and I spasmed a bit too. It felt so wonderful, like nothing I ever felt. When I discovered this I was hooked! Every morning in the summers especially, I'd run to my Mom's room and grab the lotion and go to town. It was a great summer to say the least. Then we moved again!
This time it was a huge move, down to Florida. Where we moved to, we didn't have a pool so the float had to go. Which really sucked! But this is where I have discovered my most recent technique and pretty damn good one at that. As a matter of fact this is one of the techniques that I found from here! I just found this like a month or two ago. We I'm all alone in my room, I lock my door and open my top drawer. In the drawer I have plastic bags and lotion. I pour the lotion into the plastic bag (sandwhich bag type). Then I put my dick in it and it gets hard instantly, then I take my pillows and put my dick between them. I start to thrust into the pillows slowly and it feels sooo good altogether. Then when you get really into and (if you're like me) you start to moan and get really into it. After a while I speed up and thrust harder and harder into my pillows and grind into them until I finally burst into the bag. This is my most favorite technique up to date.
And that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed my journey of masturbation and much as I did. While writing this I've had to cum a couple of times my damn self. I'll write again later. With more interesting tales of sexual fun! Thanx for reading!



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