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X-mas Relations

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ok this happened on xmas day...actually it might have been the day after, it was late at night, im not sure what time
I come from a fairly wealthy family, my dad was a pro sport player (i won't name him as hes reasonably well known and still involved heavily in the sport these days) Anyways you all know what kind of money is involved in sport these days so my dad is worth a fair bit. For xmas we had my uncle, aunt and 2 cousins come to stay. My cousins aren't from the same background as we are, my uncle is a bit of a shady character and my cousin is no different (ive heard down the grapevine about my cousins gang affiliations but thats another story) Oh i havent actually told you who makes up our families...its more or less identical both sets of parents in mid forties with 2 children each a son and a daughter. I myself am an 18 year old and i like my dad have a promising sporting future ahead of me (hopefully you'll see me on TV someday) My rebel cousin is 17 (almost 18) and our sisters are both 15...they get on very well.
On xmas eve i took my rebel cousin out to a quiet bar...we get on extremely well despite our social differences and even though i was slightly nervous about him finding some opportunity to cause trouble. As it was we sat quietly in a corner and my cousin drank a couple of beers while i stuck to OJs as i was driving. Eventually being the lads we are we started talking about girls and stuff like that. Neither of us were virgins, possibily to be expected... i was a star on the school team with a well toned body who easily attracted girls (not being big-headed its just the truth) and my cousin who had a sort of immature charm about him with a rugged look. We talked about who got to what sexual marker first...he apparently got a blowjob when he was just 13 from a 16 year old girl, but i lost my virginity at 16 whereas it took him until he was 17.
A little bit more about myself...i have a 7inch cock when erect and have sex at least 3 times a month (rarely with the same girl) However, i do harbour certain bisexual cravings, infact on my computer i have a stash of about 10 bisexual videos mostly MMF threesomes. Sadly this kind of thing is still frowned upon within sporting circles and i don't want to risk my future on some stupid sex thing. I love to masturbate, i try to find time to jack off at least once a day, i especially like to masturbate infront of the girls i have sex with...and often i pull out of them before i cum and jerk my load onto their tits.
Lets fastforward a little bit... xmas day passed as it usually does...gifts opened, lots of eating and lots of drinking. Usual things. That night me and my cousin went up to my room to watch a DVD i had got for xmas and when this had finished we went to bed. My cousin was staying on the floor in my room, as we got ready for bed he stripped off to his boxers and i couldnt resist a quick look at his crotch...there was a soft bulge where his cock pressed against the front. We then turned the lights off and got into our beds....
Almost as soon as i was under the covers i slipped my hand into my shorts and massaged my penis, gently using my fingers to play with it. It wasnt long before i had worked my penis into a rock hard erection. I wasnt sure what to do at this stage...i knew i needed to jack off but with my cousin just a few feet away i was too unsure. I decided to see if my cousin was still awake so i gently called his name 'Rick, Rick, are you still awake man?' i waited a few moments but there was no reply. With that i made an extremely brave move and pulled my bed sheets off exposing my 7inch hard cock, i wasted no time and immediately i thrust my foreskin up and down its length, enjoying every pulsation i felt run through my throbbing dick. There was an added pleasure with the risk of Rick catching me in the act...
Eventually i got myself off and my cum spurted out all over...somehow in the dark i located every drop and swallowed it all down, savouring the taste of my warm jizz. Then something happened... the thought of Rick catching me had turned me on so much...and as i finished licking up my juice Rick said 'mmm i liked your show there' ......
'Shit Rick, why didnt you fuckin tell me you were awake?'
'cos my cousin, now ive got something over you, wonder what would you do to keep me from telling your parents or anyone else?'
'Dude please don't tell anyone...i'll give you anything...you want money? ive got money if you want it'
'No my friend, i don't want your money... i want you to give me a blowjob...thats right...i want you to suck on me and then swallow everything'
Little did Rick know...this was hardly a price to pay for someone like me who had often dreamed about pleasuring another man.
'Ok then Rick...lets do it...but you come over here and straddle my chest'
So with that Rick stood up then turned the lights on. He then pulled of his boxer shorts to reveal a 6.5inch boner with a large head on it. He then proceeded to get up onto the bed and put 1 knee either side of my chest. There it was just inches from my face. I reached out with my right hand and grasped Ricks dick and then slowly started to jerk it before Rick said 'enough of the handjob..start suckin' with that i moved my head forward and Rick moved slightly further up my chest until finally my mouth engulfed his hard dick. i slurped away, paying particular attention to that large head he had until eventually Rick moaned and unleashed ropes and ropes of jizz into my mouth...which i swallowed.
Rick then said 'thanks for that man, now we can 4get this whole thing ever happened' however i loved sucking on another man and was not about to pass up an opporunity like this so as Rick started to climb off the bed i grabbed his arm and pulled him back and said 'please go to bed with me' and with that me and Rick had a night of pure pleasure..completely servicing each others needs...
but ive typed enough now so bye bye



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