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Writing My First Fantasy Pee Story

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Writing about golden showers makes me so incredibly horny!


The urge to write a story about a woman having a pee came to me from out of the blue. My father was busy decorating the dining room and I came across a picture of a woman in a DIY leaflet. There was nothing immediately special about the model apart from her tight blue jeans stretched tightly across her amply wide bum cheeks. I found I couldn't take my eyes of the picture, mentally undressing the woman and imagining what her lovely pussy must look like. Suddenly an incredibly naughty thought came to me. What would she look like if her pussy flaps were to part and her pee hole to open up to allow a gorgeous gushing spray of honey coloured pee to come flowing out?

I stood there, my hands trembling as I held the picture up in front of me. In my mind's eye, the model's pussy continued to squirt out her piss as relived herself in a standing position, her pee shower squirting down between her legs as she did her toilet all over the floor. I desperately wished that there was some way this fantasy could be brought to life and I could witness this incredibly horny act being done in front of me. Then it finally came to me. Why didn't I simply write up my fantasy so I could read it back and visualize in my mind this woman having her pee, savouring every second as her golden relief jetted from her pussy.

I had to wait the rest of the day to finally get my chance to write up this stunning fantasy that I had dreamt up. My father had a works PC in the house at a time when this was not a common occurrence. Even better for me it even had a printer which meant I could steal away my fantasy to my room afterwards so I could masturbate in private with the delicious story I was about to create.

The house was now quite, the rest of the family safely in bed. The PC beeped away as it came to life scarring me silly with the thought of discovery. Finally and with shaking fingers I was ready to start writing. To my amazement the words appeared on screen at a stunning rate with no long pauses or hesitation as my story came to life. It was almost like having somebody else do the writing as the words flowed after one another as my fantasy model started to undress from her jeans. As her bum cheeks came into view and her panties descended to the floor it was all I could do to keep my fingers on the keyboard instead of inside my pussy. I was so hot with desire that I squirmed in my chair as I forced myself to keep writing. Now the woman was naked with her long creamy legs running up to a hairy triangular shaped muff of brown pubic hairs nestled between her thighs. From behind, her beautifully curved, peach like bum cheeks hid her pussy from sight whilst under her crotch her pee hole was currently closed, her fleshy slit nestled above.

Now finally it was time to write the naughtiest words I could image as my model began her toilet. Her pee flaps parted as her pussy hole opened up and a thin trickle of piss began to escape her pussy. It was now all I could do from yanking down my own panties and give way to the raging desire inside me. I was so incredibly horny! It was finally dawning on me that I could now do whatever I wanted with this woman, the power of control being the words that flowed from my fingers and appeared up in front of me on the computer screen.

Slowly the strength of her pissing began to increase, the flow of urine from her muff growing in size as her trickle became a stream and then a torrent. As her piss gushed outwards from her hairy muff, it fell cascading downwards to an imagined floor of cold concrete. Her piss arrived at this surface, bouncing and dancing it the air as it splashed upwards away from the main impact point. Hot female piss was going everywhere, a large growing puddle spreading by the second as my imaginary friend continued her pee. The stream jetting from the base of her pussy twisted in the air as it fell to earth making her mark over the concrete floor. Of course she was enjoying every second of her toilet and I strained to capture every thought passing through her head as she enjoying her naughty piss.

The minutes rushed by, my possessed fingers dashing over the keyboard as my story grew in size. By now my model was nearing the end of her pee which although was a disappointment in the one sense, did mean that I was getting closer to being able to satisfy the burning need in my loins. Finally my model finished her pee with long last delicious squirt of piss that flew into the air opposing her pussy before raining downwards to the urine covered floor.

I saved my work as quickly as I could and literally hopped from one foot to another whilst the printer agonizing created my hard copy. The sound of the printer in motion was so incredibly loud that I had every belief that any second now the lights would come on and my parents would discover me at the PC with my first pee story churning off the printer. I was terrified of this possibility. I had written something that should never exist in printed form. A woman's relief was something to take place behind closed toilet doors and never discussed, let alone to be turned into something as sordid as my new creation. This of course was all taking place well before the Internet came into existence in the everyday world and as far as I was aware I was the only person on the planet who could get such a sexual turn on from the act of pissing.

When the printer came to an end I grabbed the output with tangible relief and stuffed it up my top safe from site. Closing down the PC I stole upstairs incredulous to the fact that the rest of the family was still asleep. Once sealed in my room I couldn't undress quickly enough. Placing my new creation which I firmly believed would damn me for life should it be discovered, safely on my pillow I collapsed onto the bed, face downwards staring at the words in front of me. I had promised myself that I would take my time with masturbation, enjoying my story over and over again. Unfortunately this was not to be as I was in such a state already that as soon as my fingers slipped into the warm place between my legs I was already on the verge of sexual oblivion. In the end I managed to reach half way through my story. The golden pee flowing from the woman's pussy had only just begun to stain the floor below, when I crossed the threshold of sexual peak and collapsed in a panting sweaty heap upon my bed.

I lay in total oblivion for several long minutes hanging on the verge of collapsing into much needed sleep. However a tiny part of me wanted to enjoy all those sensations once again and I fought off my slumber. A time passed of which I was mostly unaware but finally I was ready again. With warm fingers sliding in and out of my pussy I started to pleasure myself again. A quick flick of my clit every couple of seconds only served to fuel my growing desire and I looked down again at the printed words laid out in front of my pillow and started to read.

This time round I finished the whole short affair of this woman doing her pee whilst standing half naked with her exposed form on display in my head as she opened her pee hole and commenced her pee over the floor. I was on my second time through the events in the text before I came for a second time and I desperately had to fight to control the level of my moans as I reached orgasm once again.

FOOTNOTE> The printer referred to above used thermal paper and as such this first creation was lost in time as the paper deteriorated. However, having created one such story only spurred me onwards and my night time sessions at the computer only increased with time. When I finally got a place of my own I was free to create my stories whenever the need arose (which was quite often) and nobody was safe from entering into my constructed fantasies.



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