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Writers Conference To Remember

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This happened several years ago when I was about 55-years-old and teaching at a college in the West. I was invited to participate in a writers conference on the campus of another university some 150 miles away. So I hooked my travel trailer onto my pickup truck and drove over there, parking the trailer in a campground a mile or so from the university.

At the first meeting, I sat next to a young lady who was in her mid-to-late twenties, and whose name was Bertha. She had dark hair, a very light complexion and very blue eyes, black hair/blue eyes is a combination I find most attractive!, and a very shapely body.

We hit it off very well, and when the meeting was over, I invited her to drive out to my trailer and have a drink with me. She agreed and followed my pickup in her little Morris Minor car to the campground.

We talked about literature and writing for a while. (I'd written a couple of juvenile novels which had been published commercially and had worked as an editor in a publishing company for five years before becoming a college professor, so knew something about both ends of the business.) We had a drink of coffee, and then I started getting quite cozy with her. We kissed some, and I felt her breasts through her clothes, and afer a while I suggested that we get undressed and get in bed. She said she didn't think that was a very good idea, but then she looked at her watch and said that the gate to the complex where her condo was located was locked from the outside at midnight on week nights and she'd never make it there in time. The only thing she could do was hope that someone would be leaving the compound, the gate could be opened from the inside and keep the gate open long enough for her to get in. That seemed unlikely I pointed out, and she agreed. 'So, if you want to sleep anywhere except in that little car of yours,' I said, 'This would be the logical place.'

She decided I was right, and I suggested that we go to bed. She stripped down to her bra and panties, and I stripped down to my shorts. We crawled under the covers, and I tried to pull her to me, but she pushed against me with both hands. 'I really don't want to do that,' she said. I said, 'Ok, but my hopes and expectations have put me in a pretty uncomfortable bind right now.' With that, I pressed the end of my erection against her thigh to demonstrate what I was talking about.

She heaved a deep sigh, but then threw the covers off of us, sat up in the bed, and reached over and pulled my cock out of the opening in my boxer shorts. She began to pump it, and it was obvious that I wasn't the first guy she'd masturbated; she was pretty darned adept at it. It didn't take long, of course, for me to shoot my load in one of the stronger orgasms I'd experienced up to then. I hadn't been jacked off by a girl but once before, many years earlier, and it was a very nice variation.

When I'd finished shooting my cum all over her hand and wrist and my stomach, I rose, got a towel, and cleaned us both up. When I got back in bed, I asked her if she didn't need me to return her favor, but she said no. So I turned over and went to sleep. The next morning, I fixed us both some breakfast and while we were eating it, she complained that she hadn't gotten much sleep and that I had slept like a log. I pointed out to her that I'd offered at least two ways of 'relaxing' her, but she'd refused both, so it was her own fault. Of course I'd slept well after her 'servicing' me with her hand!

I was hoping that we'd get together again in my trailer and that she'd recognize the error of her ways and do what comes naturally with me, but while she was still friendly during the rest of the conference, she wouldn't leave it with me at the end of the day. So that was my only sexual experience with 'Bert,' as she preferred to be called, and I have to wonder if that isn't significant. Maybe she was a 'butch' lesbian? I'll never know now!



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