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Wrestling With My Friend

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My friend Ryan and I are wrestlers. Even though he is a better wrestler than me, I can usually take him, being a 135 weight class to his 119 lb. About a month ago we were wrestling in my basement on a Saturday night. We were shirtless in our shorts. Ryan is redhead, and has a really nice body. Good muscles, almost white skin, and big puffy pink nipples that are the size of a girls. He had me in a headlock, and my face was pressed against one of his nipples, and I started to get boned up. He reached around thigh to flip me, and his forearm grazed against my boner.

He rolled off me and laughed and called me a fucking pervert. I was really embarrassed, and just looked down, unable to say anything. Ryan then put his hand on my shoulder, and said not to sweat it, that he got random boners all the time too. Then he put his hand on my chin, turned my face toward him, and leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I pulled away quickly and just looked at him. Then without even thinking, I leaned back in and kissed him back. We embraced, rolling on the floor, grinding our crotches together. I kissed down his neck, and licked his nipple, which went instantly hard. He moaned while I flicked it with my tongue, then sucked it into my mouth. It was so hot, it felt exactly like when I sucked my girlfriends nipples, and I think I got as hard a I have ever been.

Ryan reached down and rubbed my chest, then my crotch. I went back and kissed him, and rubbed his crotch too. Soon we both had our hands inside each others shorts playing with our dicks. Ryan pulled away and reached down and pulled his shorts down to his knees, and I did the same. He reached over and grabbed my dick and started to jerk me. I looked at his dick, which was bright red at the head with a white shaft that curved up to his belly button nested in red pubes. I fisted him and he leaned back with his hands behind his head. I bent over and started sucking his nipple again. He pushed his thigh into my crotch, and I slowly dry humped it as I jerked him off. He started thrusting into my hand, and breathing harder. He whispered to go faster, and his breathing began to go faster. He lifted his ass up into the air and froze, and I watched as his pale white chest and face turned bright red in a flush. He shot four big loads up onto his chest and stomach, and then lowered his ass back to the floor. It was so hot that I shot my cum all over his leg. I rolled over onto my back and looked over at him. He was looking down at his chest and playing with the cum.

We have hooked up a lot since that first day. Always starts with wrestling, and ends with shooting on each other.



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