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Wrestling With Brother

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When I was about 14, my brother was 13 years old. We both were on our schools wrestling teams, and we both enjoyed it very much. I was not very good at it though, so he would sometimes have to show me the correct way to do it, as he was the star of the team. I never got jealous though, because he deserved the title, even if he was younger.

We were in our room, getting ready and changing into our singlets when he asked for help getting his cup on. Our family was not very prude about nudity and such, as we still both took baths together, so I agreed to help him. The cup was small for his three inch circumsized dick, so I had to help him adjust. I took his dick and started to get it to fit, but it kept on getting harder, making it difficult. We both started laughing and he gave his dick a few tugs, saying he was sorry. He decided to go to practice without a cup.

When we got back, he showed me a few of the things I was doing wrong. He said it was kinda hard to wrestle and show me properly without a cup because the spandex was giving him a burn on his dick, so I said he could take it off. He had not hit puberty yet, so he was pretty much hairless. He looked really cute. It felt really nice to have my arms wrapped around his bare body, especialy when they were on his cute butt. After a while I started to get sweaty and I asked him if I could take off my singlet, which he agreed to. I was about four inches soft and circumsised. I had a little bit of pubes, which he was fascinated by. He rubbed my pubes and said that they were cool, it was nice to be better than him at something!

Wrestling naked with him was heaven, neither of us had learned about sex, but we were both pretty hard. His legs were wrapped around my thighs, and he said he was tired, and laid his head on my chest. He was moving his pelvis slightly up and down, I rubbed his back and bare butt. He stuck his dick between my legs and started masturbating. His movements felt good on my cock, too. I felt around his dick while he did this, it was really hard, but the skin was soft. He had a dry orgasm, and he had a nice smile on. He moved forward a bit so our balls where on top of each other, and we just laid like that for what seemed like forever, Until I said 'My turn'

He seemed eager to jack me off, he grabbed on and started pulling on my dick. He played with my balls with his other hand, which felt really good, too. I was fondling his now soft dick because it made him go faster. After about five minutes, I shot cum on his chest and face, but he didn't seem to mind. He said it was cool and played with it. That night, we took a bath together and did the same thing.



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