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Workplace Bathroom Fun

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Fun time in my work place bathroom


When I was first married to Ann I was still in college, working at a convenience store at night. Sometimes Ann would drop me off at work, then come by to pick me up toward the end of my shift. The store closed at 11pm, but on a week night we might get one customer after 9 pm, two customers was a busy night.

Ann would sit on a stool at the end of the counter, reading the dirty magazines we had for sale while I restocked, mopped, etc. She seldom wore panties, I don't think she owned more than three or four pairs, and absolutely hated bras, the only reason she wore them was because her boobs were a D cup and she thought they shook too much in public.

This particular night though was warm, she had on pink shorts and a white tank top. No panties, and since she didn't figure more than one or two people might see her had left her bra at home. As she read I could tell she was getting quite horny, every so often she'd pull her shorts aside and flash me her hairy pussy, or pop out one of her boobs for me to drool over.

Finally it was closing time, while I locked up she disappeared down the hallway to the bathrooms. I counted out the money and put it in the safe, then clocked out. I walked down the short hallway to check on Ann, only to find her in the men's room at the end of the hall. The door was wide open, she was sitting on the toilet totally nude, her clothes in a pile by the door. She held a dirty magazine in one hand, her other was rubbing her pussy.

'Hey baby, all done?' she asked. I told her I was, and she told me 'Well get naked and join me then, I got so horny reading these I can't wait until we get home for relief.' I stood drinking in her sexy body, but I guess she took it as hesitation because she said 'C'mon, you told me you like to come back here sometimes and jack off, let's do it together!'

It was true, I often spent the boring evenings looking over the latest shipment of dirty magazines. I'd get so horny that after I closed I often came back to the men's room (or sometimes the ladies), got naked and stroked my cock looking at the magazines until I came. Of course I'd shared this with Ann, she loved hearing about it.

Quickly my clothes hit the floor, and I started to fondle her. 'No no,' she said. 'I want to see you jack off, just like you do when you're alone. What do you do?'

'Well,' I replied, 'most times I stand in front of the toilet, like this.' I moved between her spread legs, my cock now over her. 'Then I lay a magazine on the back of the toilet, sometimes another on the sink. I usually pretend like you're here with me, sitting right in front of me. Then I stroke until I cum.'

'Go on then.' she urged in a lusty whisper. 'Stroke off, you can shoot all over me, pretend like I'm your centerfold.'

I began pumping my hard cock, turned on by the sight of her in my work place bathroom. She was jilling her wet cunt and moaning. In no time I could see her nipples get rock hard, her face flush, and her body convulse with her orgasm. Seeing this set me off, my first blast of cum flew high in the air and landed in her hair and forehead. The next shot landed on her mouth and chin, the rest I directed toward her tits, mostly on her nipples.

She sat up as my spurts were easing off, and rubbed my cock all over her face while squeezing out the final drops. Once we'd both calmed down, she stood and looked in the mirror. 'Sexy.' she said and I agreed. She grabbed her tank top off the floor and slid it on. My wet cum soaked into the thin cotton fabric of her tank top, making her nipples easily visible. She then stepped out of the bathroom and headed toward the door.

'Hey, forgetting something?' I asked, dangling her shorts on a finger. 'Nope.' she said with an evil grin. 'You can carry them. Let's go.'

I quickly dressed, and we left the store, her naked bottom wiggling all the way to the car. On the ride home my cock had sufficient time to recover, Ann spent the trip with her seat leaned back, playing with her naked pussy or tweaking her nipples through her wet shirt. When we got home we spent a night of some wild sex, but that's a story for another place.



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