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My girlfriend of four years is in her last year of getting her business degree at one of the local universities here. She got a membership to the fitness centre on campus a while back and kept on at me to join as well. So I finally gave in and joined.

Well, let me just say I never knew stuff went on that I am about to share. But, I was soon to discover something good. Just a little info on me before I begin the events. I am 32 and neither bi or gay, although I will admit to jacking off with a pal or two back in junior high and high school.

Anyway, onto the event, I had just dropped my girlfriend Jane off at

the door of the main campus and told her that instead of going all the way home, I was going to go to the fitness centre and workout for a bit. So, after her class she could come and find me there.

After a quick kiss, she heads off and I pull round the block to the lot where I have a parking spot and pull my truck into my stall. I go into the fitness centre and after getting a keycard for the doors, I head down to change and go into the weight room.

While I am in the change room, I see this guy named Chris who I had seen a few other times but had never talked before. So, we struck up a conversation and then went about our ways, but did plan to get together at this local lounge and have a drink after working out.

I headed off to the weight room and did some light weights and then did about 35 minutes on the treadmill. I headed upstairs to the track level and did another 20 minutes of light jogging before calling it quits. On one of the laps of the track, I happened to look down into the gym and saw Chris shooting some hoops with this other guy I had seen before around the place. So, I stopped and rested for a bit and we ended up chatting again. Then it happened, I heard Matt, say to Chris 'damn I don't know what it is, but I am bloody horny'. To which,

Chris replies 'ya, me too. And look, your lil pal there is starting to tent' and laughs.

From where I was up on the track, I could only really see Chris but could hear everything that Matt said. As I was about to go for one last cool-down walk around the track, Chris yells up and says; 'hey man, we're gonna head down and take care of something, meet ya there or out by the doors later'. I called back, 'I'll see ya in the locker room, bet I'll be down around the time your ready to go for that drink'. I headed off, as they left the gym area.

I collected my keycard from this little overhang area on the track and headed back down to the basement level where the change rooms are. So, I go in and get out of my soaked clothes and grab my stuff for the shower. As I head over to the shower room (it's one of those ones where there are like eight shower heads on the walls and no dividers of sorts) I pass the sauna and decide to go sit in it for a bit. As I open the door, I am met with a cloud of steam. I step in and work my way in until I find the lower bench. As I sit down, I hear a slight moan and that well-known sound of a cock being jacked. Once my eyes adjusted to the heat and the steam cloud left, I was able to see Chris and Matt sitting side-by side on the upper bench stroking away at each others cocks.

Well, of course that made mine go from soft to hard in an instant and as I sat there and watched they both said; 'oh man, go on, we can tell you want to stroke'. So, I did. I took hold and began to stroke mine while they continued doing each other. After a while, we all wound up on the lower level and stroking each other and then I remembered I still had to meet, Jaime, so after I came I said 'I gotta go, Chris, I'll be upstairs by the doors' and left for the showers. As I was about to exit the sauna, I looked back to see Matt stand up and then Chris did and Matt got behind Chris and rubbed his cock against Chris's ass.

I walked to the showers and pushed the button. As the water warmed, I began to think of the jacking in the sauna and what the two were doing now. Well, I got a hardon again and without hesitation or a care if I got caught or not, I began to stroke off again. When I opened my eyes I saw Chris and Matt standing there watching me as they stroked off. They made some comment about what I was doing or thinking of and we laughed. Well, in the end we had a little more fun in the showers, from stroking, jackin each other and even a little kissing too.

Finally, we all showered and cleaned up and went to change and head out. As I thought, by the time we got upstairs, Jaime, was there waiting.

I did the intros and we headed out to the lot where my truck was. We went to the lounge and had a great time and then Jaime and I headed for home, after we dropped the other two off at Chris's place. Later that night I get a text message on my cell from Chris saying; 'had a fun time tonight and the stuff before the drink was even better. Hope you aren't bothered, but I am bi and Matt is gay, take care bud.' I just laughed.

Will I ever have another mmm session again, I doubt it, besides my membership was for only six months and is up at the end of this month.

But it was fun anyway.



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