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Working Out

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This story happened back when I was in college and had taken a friend up on the offer to travel with him to his parent's cabin in the mountains to study for finals. Randy and I were good friends in our fraternity and had at one time shared rooms so we knew each other pretty well.
It was Spring term and we were both seniors needing to get some good grades on our finals so we could graduate. It was Saturday and we had studied all day. We fixed a great dinner of steaks and potatoes and decided to call it good for the day. Randy said he had brought some adult videos to watch so we both sat on the couch and put one of the tapes in. Before pushing play Randy asked if I was ready for this because he said the tape he had picked was a little on the alternative side and that he didn't want this to ruin our friendship. I said I was open to just about anything and to start the movie. Randy pushed played and I could see right away from the start that this was a gay movie. The movie was about a whole bunch of guys from some other country who would stand in front of the camera, take off their clothes, and then beat off till they shot their loads all over themselves. After the first great looking guy on the screen blasted his load all over his chest Randy asked what I thought. I had always known Randy to be straight and to date girls in school but this was a side I had never seen. We were only wearing our shorts and my cock had grown to its full 7' watching the first guy stroke off as the next one started. Randy said it looks like I'm into the movie from my hardon that was real obvious. I looked at Randy's white Calvin Klein underwear and his hard dick was pushing his underwear out and looking awful hot. As I staired with my mouth open the head of his hardon slipped past the top of his briefs and there was the first hard cock I had seen other than my own. Randy said we should join the guys on the video and get naked and really enjoy the movie. I looked at the t.v. and this good looking blonde guy was down to his underwear where we were both, as he slid off his tight briefs I was impressed by how thick and big his uncircumsized dick was. Randy scooted closer over to me and rubbed my thigh with his left hand and said come on let's have some fun together. All my fears broke down as we leaned towards each other and stroked each other through our underwear. Randy reached inside my briefs and closed his warm hand around my hard hot cock and began to stroke it slowly. This was so exciting I was breathing faster and faster and reached over and had Randy lift his butt off the couch as I slipped his underwear off. Randy's hardon looked awesome as I grabbed hold of it and felt the warmth and the hardness all at the same time. I squeezed hard at the base and started back up and out poured lots of clear lube that made my stroking easier. Randy had me stop and stand in front of him just as the blonde guy on the screen shot all over his chest and face. Randy put his hands on either side of my briefs and slowly slide down my jockeys, my cock slapped back up against my stomach as he reached out and took my hard cock in his hand and started beating me off--got it felt great. Randy stood up and we both stepped out of our underwear, he took our cocks and in his hands and moved closer till he slid them side by side and started beating them off together. Precome was flowing out of our dicks which really made it easy for him to beat our meats off. When I looked down there were our two hardons with his hands wrapped around both and making us both feel so great from the mutual hand job. Randy told me to pinch his tits as he continued to rub our cock heads together. He also leaned over and stuck his tongue in my ear and this about made me blast, he stopped stroking us long enough to put his arms around me and hug me saying how great this felt for the two of us to be enjoying this. Our hard thick cocks rubbed against each other now slick with precome all over each other. I was ready to come and told Randy I was close. He sat back down on the couch and had me stand over him again telling me to beat off and come all over him. He leaned forward and licked my balls and then sucked first one then the other in his mouth, this felt fantastic and told him I was on the verge of coming. What a sight to look down and see Randy sucking on my balls as I fisted myself faster and faster. I screamed I was coming and Randy released my balls, grabbed my butt and pulled me forward as he sank back down on the couch. By doing this Randy sent my 7' cock right into his mouth just as I released with the biggest load of my life. I couldn't believe it as he sucked me more and more as I blasted my hot load down his throat. He held on to me as I shook all over finally shooting the last of my load. I dropped to my knees and leaned forward sharing a kiss with Randy and also sharing my load I had just shot in his mouth. I continued down till I took his 8' cock in my hand and slowly sucked it into my mouth running my tongue all around the head tasting the first cock of my life. Randy grabbed my head, pushed forward with his hips, and let loose with his load---he came probably six or seven different times and it actually tasted good. What a great new experience I thought as Randy moaned some more. I came off his still hard dick and he took me and raised me up till we again kissed and this time shared his load with our tongues. When I looked at the T.V. there was a guy that looked just like Randy blasting his load all over some other guy's chest and when I looked down I was hard a again ready to go at it once more and we did the rest of the weekend.



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