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Working on Our Jds

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It's a little strange that I should be submitting a story in the MF category, since as a gay male the only ones I read here are the MM's. But my story is so odd I think some readers might like to hear about it. I am a second-year law student at a rather good school. I work hard to maintain top grades and to participate in the extracurricular options as well. I work almost all the time except for a few hours of sleep and quick meals. I do not want to be distracted by 'relationship' issues at this point in my life, so I am determined to live like a monk until I graduate.

Probably the 'best and brightest' female in my class became my closest friend almost from the time we met last year. She is heterosexual, but shares my determination to stay on track. It's harder for her, since she is always being 'hit on'. When it became obvious that she was rejecting all male advances, some females assumed she was lesbian and THEY started hitting on her. We decided to share an apartment. For her this created the illusion that she was taken (by me), and it gave me an opportunity to have the best roommate ever.

Well, the unexpected happened: She would often get back home around 1 AM after the library closed, study for another hour or so, then go to bed. The walls in our inexpensive apartment were thin, and from my bed I could hear her masturbating. She seemed to have a system. First the bed just squeaked for a while. Then she would introduce a vibrator which was far from silent. Eventually the sighs and moans would start. They would grow in intensity until they were gasps and finally she spoke clear words, and sexual phrases. At this point the headboard of her bed would slam against the wall. She could tell I could hear, and she could also hear me when I beat off. She brought up the subject not long after we moved in, and said she hoped I was not grossed out by hearing it.

We talked very honestly then about our masturbation habits. She confided that prior to law school she had a regular boyfriend, and they masturbated together every day. She said that she got used to a climax where she would pull out her rubber dildo and get in a position so that her boyfriend would insert several fingers in very deep and work them around in a special way that gave her a kind of orgasmic release that she said she could not get from a dildo. Also because of the positions involved-as you will see-it would have been impossible for her to do the same with her own hand. OK so I got a little bit aroused by this talk. I knew I would never have the kind of emotional feeling with her that I get with a man, but I offered to lend a 'helping hand' as a friend. She leaped on the offer! In fact she wanted to start right away, which we did.

We went to her bed, pulled off the short pajamas she had on, got some of her toys and started playing with herself on her bed. I stripped (yes I had a hard on) and knelt between her legs. She worked herself over first with fingers and then with two dildoes (one vibrated). At a certain point she began working one dildo in and out very hard and very fast, almost desperately, and I understood she was trying to cream but just couldn't. She pulled it out, rolled over on her stomach and got on her knees with legs spread, with her ass facing me. She almost shouted, 'Now, put your fingers in. Now!' She was very widely open, and I easily worked three fingers in and up. This was a first for me. 'Spread them apart and push deeper. Faster!' she ordered. My hand was getting soaked. She moved her own hips to force me in deeper.

She shouted with relief and I thought that was it. But as I started to pull my hand out, she ordered, 'No, put them back. Keep doing it. Faster.' So I obliged even though my hand was getting very tired and sore. She told me to move my fingers against her inner wall like I was playing a fast piece on a piano, so I did. Then on my own initiative I put two fingers from my other hand in as well and moved all of them around into every corner I could reach. Now she was either still having the same orgasm or was into a second one, but this one was bigger and louder. She was speaking her fantasies and I am not going to say them here because I think it would be censored. They were very graphic and torrid. She was in a sweat all over her body, which was crimson. I just could not go on any longer as my hand was badly aching and had to pull out. She was still begging, 'Don't stop!' but I had to.

Well that was the first time. There's a lot more to the story, and I did not even touch on how she helps me out. Since then I have mastered the techniques that will get her into a frenzy. She says I do a far better job than her old boyfriend-maybe since I do not try to satisfy my needs during the sessions I can focus on doing just what brings her the most pleasure. I have to say she has some magnificent orgasms and it arouses me somewhat to see how intense they are, and I have taken it as a personal challenge to keep giving her even better ones. I am afraid she is becoming something of an addict about this. I have set a limit of one a day except that on Sunday morning I give her an extra one. If I have more time some day I will tell you more about what we do now.



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