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Working in the Adult Store

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This happened over the course of a few weeks


I lost my job last year do to the poor economy and I couldn't find work anywhere so I went on unemployment and got a part time job working at an adult novelty store a few months ago. This place is on a main highway and we get a lot of customers of all kinds. There was a specific book out at the time, I don't know if I can post the name on this site but we sell this book in our store.

There are not too many places around where I live that sell 'adult' books so a ton of women have been coming in to buy these books like crazy. One evening I was working it was about 10:00pm a woman in her early 40s walks in and starts looking around and we are told to let them look around and if they look like they need help you can ask them. I went over and asked and she asked about the book so I took her over where we put the book next to the sex toy section. We figured if they come in for the book they might get a toy too.

She was cute but looked nervous and shy so I made a joke how many women have come in for the book and came in to see BOB. She said BOB I said yea their Battery operated Boyfriends and she started to laugh. I dont know how or why but I said do you want to get a toy too and she said I don't know what to get I never had one before. Being there for a few months I told her to get something small like a bullet and I explained to her how it works and I made a joke this should roll your eyes into your head pretty nicely. She laughed and we had small chit chat and bought the items and I thought it was the last time I would see her.

Since this book is in a series of three she came back to buy the second book a week later at the same time of night. She came up to the counter with the new book and of course I asked how did that toy work out for you and she blushed and said quite well thank you! I said do you want to upgrade to something more stronger and from what I got she seemed to be a lady who wanted to be more outgoing but was so shy so I said come with me. I brought her over to where the bigger vibartors were so I said here is a toy you can use it was a rabbit vibrator and I got the smallest butt plug we had it was so tiny, smaller than a thumb on your hand. I explained how to use and clean the toys and told her if you like it come back and I will give her a discount on the next time she came in. I boldy stated this is going to get you off really hard she seemed excited, nervous and horny as I was talking and explaining things to her. I said to her it looks like you can't wait to get home and she blushed again and laughed.

I couldn't wait but three weeks past and she finally came back she said she just got back into town I asked her how she liked everything on her last purchase and she said it was excellent and I asked did you like the plug and she said yes that is why I am back can you recommend something to get if I buy the third book. You said you would give me a discount and raised her eyebrows at me. I finally asked her what her name was and she said it was Jen and for such a shy girl I could tell she was attracted to me. I thought she was smoking hot for a reserved woman she had hair past her shoulder, green eyes, you could tell maybe 20 years earlier she must have been a total knock out but was very attractive.

I don't know how or why but I said to her you are really pretty, your husband is lucky. She said what husband, I am divorced, and gave me the look of approval. I said let's look at some toys, without hesitating I said this is what I would use on you if I could, it was a dildo/vibrator, one for the pussy the other for the ass, so you would double penetrate yourself and it had a handle so once inserted it was easy to use. It also vibrated so I took the purple one and the book and rang her up. She said when are you off work do you want to show me how to use this thing? I said I am off in 30 minutes and she waited in the car. I went nuts bought all sorts of stuff blindfolds some rope, lube, rubbers, gels and when I was off and I told her follow me to the hotel.

From what I heard about these books they were Kinky so I decided I would make her do what I asked her. I told her to undress to her bra and panties and she undressed really slow. I could tell her body was amazing she had a size B tits and she had on see through black panties and I could make out the small little triangle of black hair right above her pussy but everything else was looked shaved.

I asked her to tease me so I sat in the chair across from the bed and she got on all fours and started shaking and wiggling her ass so slowly back and forth while looking over her shoulder at me. To say I had the biggest boner ever was an understatement.

She reached down between her legs and put her hands in her panties and started massaging her clit making the sweetest moaning sounds asking me if I wanted to fuck her. I told her to take off her bra and panties and called her a naughty girl and I asked her to finger her pussy for me. I squirted some lube on her hand and she took her middle finger and pointer and shoved it in her pussy and then took her ring finger and stuck it in her ass. It was so fucking hot! She was going really slow but I said come on fuck yourself harder! For about a good 30 seconds she was fingering away really hard while lying on her back. I could hear the squishing sound of her pussy from being so wet. She shuddered a bit but didn't cum yet.

I took out her double penetrating vibrating dildo and squirted lube on both parts, she slid the piece for the pussy in right away but it took her some time to get the other end in her ass but when she did, she gave out a little yelp and started working it very slow in and out. The cool thing is the handle, you could grip it hard and fuck yourself or if you use it on her you have something to hold onto. I told her to go faster and she grabbed the handle and really started thrusting it in and out. After about a minute or so she arched her back and I noticed her inner thighs started to shake and she let out a loud moan and began to shake all over and you could see her stomach muscles contracting.

I was so hard I asked her to turn over on her hands and knees and keep going and I whipped out my dick and started going to town stroking it up and down and circling the head of my cock while she was fucking herself really hard and moaning really load telling me to cum for her. I couldn't take it anymore and I told her to turn back over on her back and I shot a huge load all over her stomach and tits. We were both spent but we started laughing. We ended up doing other stuff later that night but this is just for masturbation so I will leave the story at that.

I never got to use the rope or blindfold that night but I told her not to cum until I see her when she gets back from her business trip from Chicago next week. I can't wait to see her cum again.... I wonder if I should make her masturbate in public next time....Maybe I'll get her some vibrating panties with a remote control and get her off in front of a lot of people.



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