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'Working at the Computer'(part 2)

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I wrote a while ago about him 'Working' at the computer. I told him to read about me catching him pumping while looking at pictures of his favourite ladies.

We were watching TV when I asked him.

'So did you enjoy the story?'

'What story?'

' 'Working at the Computer' '

'Yeah, I read it. It's kind of embarrassing you know.'

'Who's your favourite?'

'I love them all,' he said sarcastically.

'I saw you again the other day.'

'What do you mean?' He said nervously.

The door to the bedroom was open a bit. I could see the pictures of Jenny.'

'Okay fine, you already know that I love big breasts.'

'I know, I've seen plenty of girls on the computer. How often do you do your 'research'?

'Very funny. Too much, but I can prolong it and it feels so good. Are you happy now!'

'It's okay. I think it's neat. Do it whenever you want.'

'What do you mean by that?'

'How about now?'

'Now, in front of you? No way.'

I had no bra on. I lifted my shirt. 'Are you sure?'

He stared. I lifted my shirt higher.

He was still staring when he said, 'I can't...the window is..'

'Why not? You really love it. I saw you pumping my heels. Did it feel good?'

'C'mon. Yeah it felt good, okay?'

'It did, didn't it.'

'Yeah. I love to make love and I love to masturbate. I love Jenny, Sammy, Minka and all the girls. You happy?'

I pulled my shirt down. 'That's great. I'm just telling you to do it whenever you want. You are wearing those shorts with nothing underneath.'

'They're comfortable.'

That's when I went into the bedroom and spread open magazines on the bed.I brought a couple with me and started looking at them as we watched TV.

'I've got everything set up for you in the bedroom.'

'Fine.' He slid his shorts off. 'Are you happy now?'

'Turn and pump the pillows.' He turned and started pumping. His cute ass would crunch back and forth. 'It's okay. It's hard not play with your cock isn't it?'


'Too many girls?'

'Yes. It feels so good. I could pump all day.'

'In front of the computer. Your cock filling with cum, watching all the huge tits. Who wouldn't want to jack all day. You keep going. don't stop. I'm going to get you those black heels that you like to slide in.'

I picked up my heels and put on my bathrobe.When I came back, I picked up his shorts and threw them far away.

'You don't need these anymore.' I showed him the heels. 'You love these don't you..'

'Yeah, I've used them. I couldn't help it.'

I put the heels down. 'Do them now.'

He quickly started sliding up and down. 'Why do you like my heels so much? I thought you were tit crazy?'

'I am. I can't stop looking. But your heels feel too good.'

I said, 'You think I can cure the tit-man?'

Then I opened my robe and he stared. Then I let it slip off. He stopped pumping but his cock throbbed. Then I showed him my small ass and pre-cum leaked down. 'You're responding well to treatment!' I joked.

'Shut up,' he smiled.

'Why don't you spray for me now. Fill up my heels with you hot cum.'

He groaned and pumped furiously. Then it started spraying out through the shoe.

'That's it Mr. Jack-off. Squirt it everywhere!'

He kept pumping until his cock started to soften. I handed him his shorts and smiled. 'Here are you special jack-off shorts. Do it anytime you want.'

He turned red and put them on but said, 'You really do have a wonderful ass.'

I wonder what's going to happen when he reads this.

If you're in front of the computer reading this now, think of my ass and shoot it high baby!



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