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'Working at the Computer' (Part 3)

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I got up and went to the kitchen. The red shirt I was wearing was a little short. It didn't show everything but it did creep up a little. I was barefoot and had an orange g-string on that didn't quite match. He was standing in the kitchen drinking coffee. He had his usual shorts on with a t-shirt. I turned to get some milk out of the refrigerator. I could feel him staring. I bent down a little as I reached in. He seemed to groan.

I turned and smiled. 'Are you okay?'

'Fine. Just fine,' he smiled back. Nice outfit.

I pulled it slowly up my legs. 'It does seem to creep up a bit.' I saw something start to show at the bottom of his loose-fitting shorts. I looked down. 'Nothing on underneath... as usual,' I joked.

'Yeah, real funny. They're comfortable shorts okay-end of story.' He pulled them down but couldn't stop the bulge from getting bigger. He tried to pull his shirt down but it couldn't reach.

'They look a bit tight, ' I joked.

'Yeah, whatever,' he said.

I turned again. My shirt was barely covering my waist. He groaned again.

He left the kitchen and I heard him go towards the bedroom. I went to the computer and turned it on. I went to the Solo Touch website and did some 'reading' for a little while. Then I checked where he had been. He didn't bother erasing all the sites he had gone to anymore. I smiled again and let the g-string creep into my lips. Then I found a new website. That seemed normal until I noticed the girls that he had been looking at there. They were small like me. I couldn't believe it and I felt my already wet pussy start to throb. I headed towards my room. It's then that I saw he had closed his door. I couldn't resist. I opened it.

He looked up in shock. He was facing me as he straddled a pillow. I had a perfect view of his hard cock. All he had on was his t-shirt. His famous shorts were over the pillow where he was sliding up and down. Adult mags were spread everywhere in front of him.

'Sorry to bother you,' I joked.

'Yeah right-what can I do for you?' he said sarcastically.

'Oh nothing,' I giggled. 'I just went to a few websites you have been 'visiting'. I'm impressed by all the hard work you're doing at the computer.'


He wasn't moving anymore and just looked at me embarrassingly. That's when I saw an open centerfold. It looked wet. It's then that I realised it: 'You covered that picture in cum!'

He looked towards it and said nothing.

'That's a lot!'

'I can't help it okay, ' he said.

'You sure can't. When did you do that?' He looked down at another in front of him. That's when I realised it. 'This is your second round!'

'It's morning okay. I get horny in the morning!'

'I guess you do!'

Then he blurted it out; 'It's your fault.' Then he realised what he had just said.

I smiled. 'Really. How sweet. I noticed where you had been on the net. I have an idea. Let's go surfing on the net.' He looked confused. I turned and let him clearly see. 'C'mon let's go;' I teased him, 'You can bring your shorts in case something happens.'

I went to the computer and typed in Solo Touch. Then I told him to sit down. 'Look at the commentaries. It looks like you're a star,' I joked. 'I kind of like it too. There seem to be a lot of guys 'Working at the computer' just like you.'

'Yeah real funny. What if they were all jacking off to you?'

'I won't mind. Do you think all the girls don't realise the effect they are having on you? It's kind of normal.'

'You started it today,' he answered.

'I didn't think I would effect you like the other girl-the one you were pumping to in the bedroom.'

'They even did a video together.'

'There must have been a lot beating-off to those girls together.' Photos of the other girl started filling the screen. 'I want you to finish off your 'second round'.'

'I have to keep going with this one in front of me.'

He started stroking while staring at the screen. I took the mouse and starting choosing pictures. He started to groan and a little drop of cum gently came out and trickled down. His wet cock made a squishing sound that got louder as he went faster. I whispered in his ear, 'You can't control yourself can you?'

'No,' he groaned quietly.

'Too many tits. Too many girls to jack-off to. You can't help it. Let the girls turn you on. Let them make you beat off all day long. No one can resist pulling on their cock with all this in front of them.'

'I can't help it,' he moaned.

'It's okay, Let it go. Everyone knows what you're doing. All the girls know what you're doing. Everybody wants to beat it like you. I tell all my girlfriends and they imagine seeing you pumping.' He started to breathe hard.

'Are you close?'

'Yes,' he groaned.

'Imagine my friends watching you. Some of them have seen you through the window. The girl at the magazine store knows you beat off to all the girls.' I backed away. I turned and let my shirt creep up. I heard him groan and looked over my shoulder to see him pump faster and faster. 'You want all the girls to see you don't you?'

'Yes,' he groaned.

Then it started to come out. He squirted into the air. 'Squirt baby! Jack-off for all the girls. Spray like you did for the centerfold.'

He stared at her and moaned as her tits filled the screen and he sprayed cum everywhere. 'J...J...I can't help it J...you make me feel so good.'

When he stopped, I turned around and smiled at him. He was sweating and covered in cum. 'I hope everyone does just like you, pumping and squirting to the girls all day long.'



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