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Working at Six Flags

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True story


I graduated from high school and Dad told me to go to work. I went to Six Flags and got a job selling souveniers. I was sent to the mens locker room to get my uniform.

I was never athletic. I did not take gym in high school at all. The last time I was in a locker room was in the seventh grade. All I remember about that was changing in the bathroom stall.

Now here I was, all kind of guys around me in their underwear. No one got naked. I was getting used to it after a couple of weeks. One day I was getting ready for work and this other dude was dressing right across from me. He had on briefs that had no fly. I could see that he was semi-hard and caught myself staring at it. He smarted off to me saying, 'Are you a faggot or something?' I said I was sorry and went to work. The next day I went to the store and bought some flyless Jockeys. When I put them on, I started to get hard. I, then, rubbed myself to cum in the underwear. I took them off and left them in the bathroom.

I worked that night. After working, my car would not start. I was in the employee parking lot messing with it. This same dude drives up and ask if he can help. He messes around with it, but he cannot get it started either. The security guard was an arse and told me I had to get a ride. This guy told me he would take me home.

On the way, he apologized for the faggot remark and told me he was embarrassed. He said he gets a woody real easy. I told him it must be the underwear. I told him that I got a woody when I first put on the same kind.

Well, we got to my house and everybody was asleep. He asked if he could wash his greasy hands in my bathroom. While he was in there, he found the undies I had left there.

He walks out of the bathroom, pants unzipped, holding the evidence. He asked me how that happened. I grabbed them and told him to f... off. He said it was ok, that he jacked through his briefs too. I tried to make him believe that I did not do that often, but he was relentless.

I started to notice his growing toy. He saw me looking and dropped his jeans. 'Want a closer look this time?' and then he stepped right in front of me. Now his toy was peeking out the top and mine was struggling for comfort in my jeans. I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me he wanted his briefs to look like mine that were laying on the floor. I told him to go ahead. He told me to do it for him.

I just reached up and started rubbing him. To this day I don't know how I did it. I rubbed him until he came inside his briefs. I went to get him a towel.

He asked me if I would jack in front of him. I did. He wiped me off with his briefs, put on his jeans, and left my house.

I never saw him again in the locker room. Only two of three hi's as we passed in the park.

I am married now with three kids and I can still see him standing in front of me, toy peeking out of those white flyless briefs.



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