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Workin It

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This is my first story on Solo Touch but I have a feeling it won't be my last.


I was sitting at my desk at work bored out of my mind as usual. I had my messenger on as I normally do just in case someone I wanted to talk to came on to relieve me from my boredom. Unfortunately no one was on so I was forced to do homework.

I had started reading when this box popped up on my screen. The screen name read cute_horny_guy. That automatically got me intrigued because I'm quite a horny girl who enjoys every type of pleasure she can have sexually. He said hey and I responded with a nervous hi. I wasn't sure about talking to a guy who randomly ims people he doesn't know, but I could not help it. His screen name had me wondering what type of person he was. He proceeded to give me his asl (age, sex, land) and I found out he was not too far from where my university was. I got excited. He then informed me that he was overseas working and would be there for the next year and a half. Oh well I thought.

I was about to go back to my reading because the convo started to bore me when he asked me why I responded to his im. He said most women get offended by his screen name. I informed him that I would never get offended by a horny man. I guessed he liked my response because he proceeded to tell he that he is always horny and was looking for a nice woman to help him relieve the stress. As he was telling me this I began to get wet. I felt my pussy start to contract. I wasn't sure if I should continue. What if I got caught. That would be so embarrassing. As I thought about it more I began to get wetter and wetter. The thought of getting off at work sent this charged sensation through my entire body. I wanted it now.

He began to describe how his dick was starting to get hard and how he wanted me to stroke it. I closed my eyes to try and visualize his hard dick in my hand. I bit my bottom lip as I got more and more into the fantasy. I was getting so horny I knew that I would have to relieve myself soon. He then started to describe how he would tease my clit. By this time I had started to rub myself on the outside of my pants under my desk. As he typed the words.....'I'd slowly run my fingers in between your very wet lips up to your protruding clit and in a circle play with your clit with the tips of my fingers,' I slipped my hand into my pants. I needed to feel the sensation he was describing. Before long I was fully masturbating at my desk.

I decided that this probably was not the best place to do it and went to the bathroom. I took the last stall in line. I was so afraid of getting caught which made it that much better. I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my wet panties to the floor. I sat down and felt my pussy. It was so wet. I then took a finger and tasted my own juices. I put one finger in my tight wet pussy and with the other hand played with my clit. It felt so good that I let out a load moan. At this point I didn't care if anyone heard me. The only thing I was thinking about was the amazing orgasm I was going to have. As I thought about what the guy online said I began to fuck my pussy harder. When I felt myself about to cum I put two more fingers in and ran them across my G-Spot. I had the best oragasm I have ever had. I returned to my desk as if nothing had happened and finished my day with a devilish grin plastered on my face.



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