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Worked Overtime With Beth

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This happened back in the mid 1990s when I was around 30 years old. Maybe 29. I and this woman named Beth were working for a tire wholesale company in inventory and had to stay after hours one evening to finish up. We were alone in the warehouse. Beth was somewhere between 45 and 50 at the time but had one hell of a body. All of us guys used to comment to each other about her fantastic body.

On this particular evening, we were about to finish up and making small talk. Beth asked me what I had planned that evening when we left. I answered 'I guess just head to my apartment. Nothing else to do now after that damn new sheriff shut down the massage parlors'. Beth answered 'the massage parlors? You went there'? I told her 'if they were still open I'd sure be at one of them tonight'.

This really got Beth's curiosity up. She then asked me 'what would you do there if they were still open'? I came back 'get a massage' with a big smile on my face. Beth then asked 'what really went on in those places'? I answered 'do you really want to know'? She said 'yes, I would'.

I went into how most were Oriental women and mostly Korean and about going in, paying the price, getting undressed and laying on the table on my stomach and having the girl come in and give me a rub down. Beth wanted to know more. I told her about turning over and getting the same up front. Beth then said 'and that was it'? I answered 'how much do you want to know'? Beth said 'everything'. I then told her about what was referred to as the 'happy ending' and this was what I really missed. Beth came back with 'just like a man'.

She then told me 'if you'd like, I can do that for you'. I answered 'what'? Beth said 'if you miss it so much, why not'? I was a bit speechless. I asked her 'just like back then'? She said 'why not'? I then went into more detail about the 'happy ending' thing and Beth said 'I know. Give you a hand job at the end'. I told her 'Beth; that's not all. The girls also didn't wear a lot and I was free to touch them like I wanted to'. Beth asked 'what do you mean'. I told her 'I use to feel there legs and asses up during the hand jobs to really get me aroused'. Beth then asked 'does my ass and legs look good to you'? I told her 'you better believe it'! She answered 'well, what are we waiting for'?

We went to a back office that had a 4' high bench against the wall and Beth asked 'will that work'? I said 'oh yes'. I stripped naked and laid face down. Beth stripped to her bra and panties. She gave me a good massage on my legs, back, shoulders and neck. I then turned over showing her my erect cock. Beth said 'oh my goodness' when she saw it. She went to work massaging my front side but this didn't last long. I was dying for her to get her hand on my cock and I know she too wanted it. She asked 'how did the massage parlor girls do it'. I asked her 'do you have any hand cream'? Beth said 'yes. In the ladies room'. She went there and returned with a hand full of it and wrapped her hand around my cock. It felt so good. I then looked at her as I put my hand on the back of her thigh and then slipped it up under her panties to her ass. Oh, this woman felt good! She slowly started stroking my cock looking at it and I went from feeling her ass to feeling her inner thighs. Her body was so soft. It didn't take me very long at all to have a fantastic orgasm. I came like I hadn't come in years. I had cum end up almost to my neck. Beth loved seeing this. She too was divorced and hadn't been with this young a man in years.

After this, Beth and I continued to see each other occasionally when we felt the need. I even ended up spending the night with her a few times and did this woman ever know how to please a man. I finally ended up with a girlfriend and my thing with Beth ended. But, I still remember her and often think about here and that fantastic old body of hers and how good it felt to me.



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