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Woohoo. Seen stroking by two cuties.


I was on a business trip to New Orleans and it extended over a weekend. I decided to get a room on Bourbon Street in the hope of seeing something interesting. The hotel had one of those balconies that overlooked the street. It was shared between three rooms. I had worked all day on Saturday and finally was able to get back to the hotel. At 9:00pm or so, I heard people talking out on the balcony. I went out myself and found two guys and their wives yelling playfully at passersby. We had a couple of beers together and it was great fun. As the night went on, the wives got more rowdy and flashed a few times. I got to see their nice titties and they seemed to enjoy teasing me. The guys finally decided to head inside and watch something on TV.

That left the women and I on the balcony. They started complaining about how they wouldn't get any action because their hubbies were too drunk and I told them at least they had a chance at something. I, on the other hand, was staying all alone and would be forced to watch something nasty on my computer and take care of myself. They laughed and said something like good luck with that... They were trying to be nice and told me if their hubbies weren't there, they'd help me out and so forth. I figured it was a lost cause and due to being exhausted, finally decided to go into my room.

I left the curtain to my sliding glass door open a small crack because I was hoping I might get to see the women flash a bit more but they went into their room shortly after I did. I cracked another window to let some air into the room then took a long shower. In the shower, the hot water combined with the earlier visual stimulation caused me to get hard. I spent about a half hour soaping up and edging. I thought about taking care of it then and there but instead decided to do a little computer browsing first. I got out of the shower and heard the women talking again. They were back on the balcony. I crept in the dark of my room and peeked out the slit in the curtains on the sliding doors. I could hear them talking because my window was open a little. They were complaining about their husbands being lightweights and drinking themselves to sleep. After a while they started talking about 'that other guy' and how they had given him something to dream about.

I decided to give them a show. Without turning my room lights on, I got my laptop set up so I'd be easily visible and slightly widened the slit in my sliding door's curtain. I logged into some porn, grabbed the little bottle of lotion from the hotel bathroom and waited with my towel wrapped around my waist until I could see one of them facing toward my door. Then, I turned on my room light to attract her attention.

Worked like a charm. I could hear them talking perfectly. The women called her friend over and they were giggling and peeking into the window. I sat down in front of the computer and started up a hot video. I could hear them snickering and saying, 'Omigod he's looking at porn.' I slid the towel off and let my eight inches of hard cock pop up. It was already glistening and dripping. I covered it with the lotion and leaned back, stroking and playing.

The women continued to make little comments like: 'Holy shit, he wasn't kidding when he said he'd have to take care of it himself. I can't believe this!'

I finally made my way over to the bed, laid back and went for it. A few minutes later, I shot huge arcs of hot cum all over my stomach and face. I rubbed it around, listening to them whisper and giggle. I could feel their eyes on me and I finally peeked in their direction without being too direct. They were both staring into the room. This made me horny again and I rubbed out a second orgasm which was surprisingly powerful. I closed my eyes, enjoying the euphoria when they suddenly knocked loudly on the window and yelled out 'woohoo' and then ran into their room laughing. Just thinking about that night is enough to get me going. Woohoo was right.



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