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Wonderful Time Together

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The names have been changed but the story is so very true. A wonderful experience that everyone should have.


This is a very true story about the fourth meeting I had with a beautiful woman. If this is well received I may go back and share the first three meetings. We are both married. I had met her husband and he is out of town for several weeks at a time on business. He knew that I had a fantasy of watching a woman undress and masturbate as she watched me do the same. His wife, Amy, (not her real name) had a similar fantasy and he said it was okay for the two of us to meet and live out our fantasies. This is how the fourth meeting went.

I arrived at Amy's house and she was wearing a cute shirt and short skirt. She had a glass of water already for me on the coffee table. We went into the family room and sat on the sofa to chat a bit. We've been talking regularly and had the sort of nice conversation that true friends would have. I knew one of Amy's fantasies and decided to let her enjoy living it out. I told Amy that she had masturbated without letting me know and that she needed to be punished. I told her to take her clothes off.

Amy had a phenomenal body. Any guy would love to look at, touch or make love to her. Our agreement from the start was that we were not looking to have sex with each other. It was a watch and be watched relationship.

I watched Amy take her clothes off piece-by-piece and had Amy stand there totally naked as I looked at her. I get excited just thinking about her standing there naked. Then I stood up and got undressed myself. I sat back down in the middle of the sofa and had Amy lay across my lap. As I 'scolded' her I started to spank her. I used my right hand to paddle her rear. I didn't spank Amy real hard but each time it vibrated through her bottom, and I knew she would be getting horny.

After a few moments of scolding and spanking I told her that everything was okay and that she was a 'good girl.' She should now go on and masturbate and enjoy herself. She reached back and started playing with herself. We decided to get in more comfortable positions.

Amy sat one end of the sofa and I was on the other. We were leaning against the ends of the sofa and facing each other with our legs spread. I started to stroke my cock as I watched her slide her fingers up and down between her swollen lips. She is so hot and I get so hard watching her. It is also such a turn on to have her watch me masturbate.

We were really getting into it when I decided to change my position. She was still stretched out laying the length of the sofa with her back against the end of the sofa and I stretched out over her holding myself just inches over her by resting on the lower parts of my legs and putting my left hand on the end cushion of the sofa that her head rested on.

It was as if I was laying on top of her but we weren't touching. There she was with one hand between her legs playing with her lips and sliding her fingers inside of her and I was stretched over her stroking my cock for all I was worth. We could look at each others faces and see each others eyes. It was so hot.

I lowered slightly and she could feel my hand stroking my cock as it rubbed against her outstretched arm. I could feel her arm moving as she masturbated. Then I lowered a little more and let my balls rest on top of the hand that was between her legs. She could feel me there as she played with herself and I could feel her hand moving frantically as she tried to cum.

She came moments later and although I wanted to cum right then as well I wasn't quite ready. Amy had me sit up on the sofa spread my legs and continue masturbating. She sat on the floor right between my legs and put her fact right in front of my cock. What a sight! I was about to explode when she started blowing gently on my cock. Oh how I wanted her to open her lips and let me feel her warm mouth around my cock. I knew I was close to coming and I told Amy.

Amy loves me to come on her chest so I sat up and put my left hand on her shoulder and leaned forward as I continued stroking myself. When I started to cum I just couldn't believe it. I didn't' stop! I came and came. It felt unbelievable. Afterwards we both broke out laughing as we realized how much cum was all over Amy.

We both cleaned up and chatted for a bit before I had to go. It is so wonderful to have a female friend that I can talk with and just enjoy myself with as I watch her do the same. We don't need to have sex. Our masturbation play is so hot and feels so good. Wow! What an experience.



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