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Wonderful Older Lady

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I LOVE this site! As a life long masturbator it is great to know others feel as I do.


I've been jacking off for as long as I can remember. There is nothing better than laying on the bed naked and rock hard fantasizing about a true life experience, or fantasizing about an experience one wishes they could have. In all my experiences the hottest ones have been where I was lucky enough to be watched by a woman. I've found that in most instances, if I know a woman and I have a good friendly relationship with her, and I am honest and I tell her I'd love to jack off in front of her, most will watch me out of curiosity if nothing else. Whether they get naked and participate or not doesn't really matter to me although I love it when they do.

I've jacked off in front of women as young as 18 and as old as 70 and I've thoroughly enjoyed every experience. Many were single but a surprising number have been married. This is as close as some of the married women could come to having sex with someone else, while not really having sex, thus no guilt or not much guilt.

One of the more memorable experiences was with the oldest woman, the 70-year-old. She was a delighful woman I met on a business trip. She was sitting at a nearby table eating dinner alone in a restaurant. We started chatting back and forth from table to table as we each ate our dinners, then she invited me to sit with her. She was staying at the same hotel because she was going to a wedding the next day.

In our conversation she said she was lonely and a widow and she loved to travel. I told her I travelled so much with my job I too found myself quite lonely at times. We discussed loneliness and we admitted there was nothing better than to feel another warm body snuggled up next to us. I told her how attractive I thought she was, and I told her nothing would make me happier than to have her snuggled next to me ... if she were willing. I assured her I was no Ted Bundy (rapist and murderer) and she laughed and said she didn't think I was. She said it would feel nice to her too.

I went to her room knowing she would probably feel safer in her room instead of some strange man's room. I laid down on her bedspread and took her hand and she laid down beside me, an arm over my stomach, head against my shoulder, laying more or less on her side. I had my left arm around her shoulders and I was slowly tracing a line up and down her upper arm with my fingers. She began slowly rubbing my stomach and chest in small circles with her hand.

I was laying on my back and my dick was pounding hard. My pants were tented way up in the air and I was making no attempt to disguise it. I know she could see it. She told me my gentle touch was nice, and I told her it felt wonderful as she gently stroked my chest. Now and then her hand came teasingly close to my lower stomach which was making my dick absolutely throb.

I finally told her that I was totally aroused. Her soft touch was so very erotic. She told me she had noticed and that it had been many years since she had aroused a man like this. At this point I knew I had to ask. It was then or never. I told her I was extremely hard and the feeling was wonderful. I asked her if she didn't mind, could I stroke myself off. She told me she would enjoy watching if that is what I wanted to do.

I unzipped and pulled my pants and underwear totally off then laid back down, and used my right hand to stand my dick upright so she could easily see my whole length and thickness. I slowly jacked myself telling her how good it felt, and doing it for her pleasure was so exciting and wonderful. She reached down and took my dick and felt me and held it for a while, then I took over again.

I did it very slowly until I couldn't stand it anymore, and I told her I was about to cum. Then I spurted cum all over my stomach. After I wiped myself clean we continued to cuddle. I never bothered putting my pants back on. She told me that watching me was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and in ways made her feel young and desireable again.

I turned and kissed her warmly and she responded with the longest most passionate kiss I've ever had. To make a long story shorter, kissing her made me hard again, she took off her blouse and bra and let me suck her nipples, and she again laid beside me, this time with her bare breasts against my chest, and I jacked off again.

I never pressured her to show me her pussy, never touched her down there or anything. It was a very warm and enjoyable and memorable experience and I'm sure she loved every minute of it as much as I did. This session of being watched stands out in my memory as one of the very best times I've had.



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