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Wonderful Experiences

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My physical relationship with my mother began about a year ago when I was twenty two. I had not been involved in a sexual relationship with a male in over a year and I was constantly feeling sexually stimulated and/or horny. My masturbation sessions only seemed to resolve my situation for a very brief period of time. Mom and I were talking after dinner and she mentioned that I seemed to be edgy and a little cranky. I admitted to her that I was really horny and her response was, "so join the club." Mom and dad have been divorced for over two years at that time. The conversation then changed to another topic and then I started watching TV.

Around eleven o'clock I decided to go to bed and said good night to mom. About ten minutes later mom is knocking on my bedroom door. She comes in, sits on the edge of my bed and tells me she is sorry about her comment about joining the club. She said that the comment certainly didn't offer me any compassion. I told her she was right. As she is saying this I can't help but notice that the front of her robe is nearly open and her nicely sized tits are almost on display. She bent down toward me and says, "let your mom see if she can do anything about your frustrations, that's what moms are for." She then reached down and began to unbutton the top of my pj"s. My first reaction was to put up my hands to stop her from opening my top. Mom then told me to just relax and put my hands down.

I did what she said and she then opened my top and spread the top exposing both of the tits. At this stage one of her tits was completely out of the robe. It was the first time I had ever seen my mom's bare tit and nipple. The nipples are so much bigger than mine and yes, I'm jealous. I read somewhere that the nipples get bigger after you have your first child. I don't know if this is true or not. Mom then started fondling me and twisting both of the nipples with her fingers. It was just a matter of seconds and already I was quite aroused. Mom then stood up and removed her robe. I immediately saw that hers was completely bare. Mine is also bald. Mom got into bed with me and under the top sheet. We started by playing with each others tits with lots of sucking. Mom then whispered to me that she was going to make me feel oh so good. I was now about as excited as one can get.

I felt her fingertips playing over my mound and I spread my legs waiting to feel her fingers enter the hole. Instead, she started rubbing the clit and saying, "my poor little sweetie's bump is so hard and feels so warm." Just her saying that served to even further arouse me. Mom then pulled back the top sheet and I instinctively raised my knees and spread my legs. I felt several fingers enter the hole and I thought I would explode. I started nearly shouting saying, "fuck me, fuck me," over and over. Mom stopped fingering it and told me to hush up. She then told me she was going to kiss it and "make it better." Actually she played with the clit with her tongue for about a minute. I couldn't take this any longer and I pleaded with her to make me cum.

Mom was breathing hard now and told me to turn over. I asked why. She said she was going to fuck the other hole. I never experienced this before but I was so stimulated that it sounded like a terrific idea to me. I turned over and mom spread my cheeks. I felt something warm on the hole and mom said it was just spit. She began to push her finger in and I tightened up. Mom slapped my cheek hard and told me to relax. I felt a finger entering me and then I felt it moving back and forth. I was truly enjoying the new sensations. Mom then removed her finger and told me to keep relaxing. I felt her again entering me and I just knew that two fingers were now up the hole. At first it hurt a bit but then it felt so good. When mom stopped after a minute or two I asked her to do it again and she did. I waited in bed a couple of minutes while mom washed her hands. I then got back on my back and mom started rubbing the clit and fingering the hole at the same time. The physical sensations associated with orgasm were the strongest and most intense that I'd ever experienced although my sexual experiences have been quite minimal. I've had sex with two men and two women.

After cumming, I did everything to my mom that she had just done to me. amazingly, I got four of my fingers up the butt hole. I don't know how the hole can spread that wide but it did. After about a half hour I had made my mom cum. I would never have imagined that happening in a million years.

Mom and I now spend time in bed with each other about once every two weeks. We both shave it a few hours before we get together so that it will feel so soft and smooth. Each session seems better than the previous one.



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