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Wonderful Discovery

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I'm forty six and my best friend Trish is forty four. I'm happily married with two adult children and Trish has a daughter Ellen who is twenty one. Usually about once a month Trish and I have a night out together and we'll go to dinner or go to an early movie and then dinner. A few weeks ago we were out and I could easily tell that something was bothering her. After a bit of prodding Trish became teary-eyed and related to me that she learned that Ellen had a sexual relationship with her (Ellen's) best female friend. Trish was real upset that her daughter would have sex with a woman. Personally, I can't figure out why Ellen would have told her mom this in the first place but surely she did. I also couldn't imagine why she would want to have sex with another woman. We discussed the subject at length and Trish said she wondered what it would be like. She said that her daughter said it was not just an 'experiment' and that she intended to do it again and soon. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like also and I said as much. Then, it was like the light bulb went on in two heads at the same time. We both wondered if it would be possible to find out. After a real long pause it was Trish who suggested the idea that we could try it together. I told her I would need to think about it and for two whole days that's about all I did. I finally decided to do it. It certainly didn't hurt that Trish is a very attractive woman in all respects. If she weren't, I don't think I would have agreed.

We both left work very early on Wednesday and I followed Trish to her house. I wore my sexiest bra and panties and I shaved my pussy the night before. I had been doing that since high school since I disliked the look of all that hair down there. I put just a teeny dab of perfume on it also. We enjoyed a small glass of wine and then went to her bedroom. Trish was more the aggressor and she suggested we take off our clothes and just leave on our bra and panties. She looked fabulous! Her bra was deep green and you could almost see through it. I could tell that her areolas and nipples were much darker than the rest of her skin. I now had butterflies in my belly and my hands were sweaty. We just looked at each other. I just couldn't believe what we were about to do.

Trish had me turn around and she undid my bra and took it off. I was so anxious I was slightly shaking. A woman was looking at my tits. My nipples were like little stones and Trish reached out and touched each one. A feeling like chills raced around my pussy and belly. She started to squeeze and fondle my tits and I realized I was really starting to enjoy this. She removed her bra and I was totally amazed at how firm her tits were. No sag at all even though they were quite large. Her very dark nipples almost pointed upward. I felt their firmness and began fondling them. They were all hers, no silicone here. Her nipples were larger than mine and also very erect.

I immediately thought of putting one into my mouth and that's what I did. The nipple felt even harder against my tongue. I sucked like I wanted milk. Trish then said, 'let's get on the bed.' Once on the bed Trish began to very very slowly pull down my panties and as she pulled she would stop and kiss the skin around the waistband and then pull a little more and kiss somemore. With about half of my pussy exposed she said, 'it's beautiful.' I was now completely sexually stimulated like never before. She finally removed my panties and dropped them on the floor.

I then began to remove hers in the same way. I soon discovered that Trish was also totally shaven. I wonder what percentage of women shave their entire pussy? I bet it's a lot. I never saw a pussy outside of a magazine and I assumed that all looked like mine. Wrong! Trish's outer lips were enormous even though she has no weight issues and is in fact somewhat thin. Looking at that huge lump was such a turn-on. I just kept gently rubbing it in circles. We then started kissing each other and using our tongues. I so badly wanted now to feel her fingers inside of me but we proceeded rather slowly. Trish finally inserted her finger into my puss and I immediately spread my legs and lifted them up. She toyed with my clit and then my pussy hole for awhile and I could hear the squishy noises. I was way beyond excited and stimulated when she started rubbing my clit harder. She kept doing it while also fingering me non-stop. The physical sensations rapidly built up and I knew I was about to cum. It was the first real orgasm I have had in probably the last five years. It felt wonderful. I then began to work on Trish's pussy and I could tell that she was completely enjoying what I was doing to her. She had so much body fluid around her pussy that I was getting it all over my hand. I thought she would scream when she finally came. I could feel the inside of her pussy contracting against my fingers as she had her orgasm.

We both felt that this was the most wonderful sexual experience that either of us had in a long time. We were exhausted and completed our session by showering together and playing with each other in the shower. We then made plans for our next encounter which was a week later. It was every bit as stimulating and fulfilling as our first encounter. We will probably continue having sex with each other for a long time. I would now like to have sex with other women. Actually, I would love to have sex with Trish's daughter but I can't see that happening.

To think that up to a few weeks ago I never gave thought to female-female sex and it was certainly not something I would personally consider doing. It's amazing how things can change. It's good to keep an open mind about these things.

Trish told me the next day that when she and her husband got into bed he commented that the room 'smelled a little sweaty.' Trish told him that she didn't smell anything and kidded him and told him he must be smelling himself.



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