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My sister taught me all about masturbation. One Sunday morning I came home from a dance class and saw my 18-year-old sister sitting naked at the computer watching some video clip of a woman masturbating. She seemed to be copying her, making all sorts of noises. I didn't know what was going on; only that my nipples hardened and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

She heard me, blushed, turned off the PC and ran to her room. Then I heard her call 'Hey Ashley I need you here right now!' I ran up to her bedroom, opened the door, and she was stood naked in front of me still blushing, looking very puffy between her legs. She shut her door and locked it.

'You've seen me naked, you've seen me at my most vulnerable, I'm stupidly horny, and what the hell I have to ask...' she mumbled, embarrassed, as she perched on the end of her bed. 'Why were you vulnerable? What do you mean by horny?' I asked. She explained about sexual feelings and being aroused, and I realised then it was the feeling I'd had catching her at the PC. Which I said to her.

Suddenly she perked up, smiled, seemed more at ease. 'Well, don't hit me for this,' she said nervously, 'but if I'm horny and you are and you don't know what masturbation is...err...why don't I...'

She stumbled on her words, so I suggested 'Teach me? Show me how sis, I want to orgasm too!'

She blushed again but nodded. She told me to undress if I didn't mind; I felt it was only fair that I did, and stripped naked. Neither of us were really sure how to do this, but eventually she decided I should kneel on her bed holding the headboard. She knelt behind me and pressed her pussy into my butt, and reached a hand around my front between my legs.

We worked out a rhythm, and she stroked my clit as she humped me, whilst I raised and lowered my body as she slid a finger in and out of me. We both came fifteen minutes later; my first orgasm nearly knocked me out! Shocked that I'd missed out for sixteen years, I was keen to make the most of this new, awesome feeling. I got up once I'd regained some energy, and walked to the door. My sister looked heartbroken, but I was teasing.

'See this key in the lock?!' I asked. 'Uhh, yeh!' she replied. 'Well, I'm guarding it, you'll have to get past me!' I laughed, holding it high, placing it on her highest shelf, and standing like an ogre in her way. She got off her bed, walked to me menacingly, but then wrapped her arms round my back, pulled me tight, and licked my nipple which hardened instantly.

She pulled me towards her bed; I wasn't going to argue! We spent all of Sunday laying naked opposite each other cupping each other's pussy, fingering and rubbing each other, and practising snogs.

It was perfect!



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