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Women's Feet And Masturbation

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I love bare feet. I especially love to look at bare soles. The soles are soo satisfying to look at. Now this is were things get a little difficult to explain, but I will do my best. I love to look at crinkled soles. What do I mean? Well, put your right foot up on your left knee and point your toes hard...like a dancer would. Do you see how your soles crinkle? That really turns me on big time. I love it when a women points her toes and crinkles her soles! I especially love it when she does it because she is sexually aroused.
Do you see the wrinkled valley that forms near the ball of your foot when you point your toes? God, I love that spot! I love to put baby oil on that spot and slowly, ever so slowly fuck the sensitive underside of my erect cock against it until I cum! I love to see my cum splash against her soles...so satisfying! I love to watch the way a women's soles crinkle and wrinkle when she lays on her tummy. She doesn't even need to point her toes then. She just needs to lay there and let gravity crinkle them for her!
Would you please point your toes and crinkle your soles for me? I love bare soles soo much. I want to fist-fuck my hard cock while you tease me with your fantastic bare soles!
I want to be hand fucking my cock and as I near my cum, I want to ask you to point your toes for me. Of course, you will torture me and make me beg you to point them for me...wont you? Better yet, I would love to watch as you laid on your tummy and slowly brought yourself off!! I wonder what your feet and soles look like as you become more and more aroused?
Let me share with you some reasons why I like crinkled soles so much.
When I was a young, horny teenager, I didn't have access to what I needed to get myself off. What I needed were the bare soles of a women's feet. I didn't have access to the wide variety of sources for foot fetish materials as I do now. So, as a result, I was forced to improvise.
I would first set up a small mirror in such a way that when I laid on my tummy, and looked back over my shoulder, I could see my own bare soles in the mirror. Then, I would place a nice, soft towel beneath me. By now I would have the most wonderful erection!! So hard and needy!! I would lay on my tummy, lift myself up onto my forearms, and use my hips to slowly grind my cock against the towel while looking at my own soles and pretending they were the soles of my favorite girl. God, it felt soo good to do this!! It felt so good to press my cock between the towel and my warm tummy!! As I became more and more aroused, I noticed that I would begin to point my toes and as a result these wonderful wrinkles and crinkles would begin to form in my soles.
I could see my sexual arousal reflected back to me by watching my own soles!! It looked so good!! Horny, turned-on soles!! It felt soo good to fuck that towel and look at my soles! As my arousal would build, I would begin to fuck the towel more urgently and I would point my toes harder and harder. Often, this imagery provided more stimulus than a young boy could handle, and my orgasm would quickly surge over me and I would pump my semen out and onto that nice, soft towel!! It felt soo good to continue to slowly rub my cock back and forth through the warm puddles of my fresh cum as I came down from my oh soo intense release!! Soo warm, wet, and slippery!! On my tummy, fucking myself to a cum!! God, I love to masturbate!! I love to make my cock cum!! Just writing about it makes me so horny!! You should see how hard I am right now.!
I really need to find a woman who likes (needs) to masturbate while laying on her tummy!! I love to be able to watch a women do what I did back then and occasionally still do today. Every once in awhile, I like to kneel in front of my closet door mirror, and fist fuck my cock as I look at my soles!! This still provides me a very satisfying orgasm.
I love to see my crinkled soles!! I like to pull my erection back and pin it between my legs. When I look back at the mirror, I can see my soles, ass and the pink colored underside of my cock. I put some lube on my cock and use my fingers to slowly stroke myself by rubbing the exposed, sensitive underside in a circular motion. In order to reach my cock this way, I have to reach behind myself. This forces me to lay my head on the carpet and jut my ass up into the air. You would love it!! I try to last as long as possible, but it's so damn hard to wait! My crinkled soles look too good to me and very quickly after beginning to masturbate this way, I pump my spunk out onto the backs of my legs. These orgasms are always very intense and prolonged because my cock is pinned between my legs and it is unable to spasm, so my cum simply oozes out of me.
Let me share with you another reason why I like crinkled soles so much.
A number of years ago, I was dating a very cute lady who had the most wonderful long, slender feet. She knew how much I loved her feet, especially her soles and she loved to tease and torture me with them.
The tease would proceed in the following manner. We would be sitting around watching TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon when suddenly she would get up and leave the room. Soon she would return wearing only a flimsy T-shirt and a pair of bikini panties. She would be carrying her favorite 'toy' and the latest issue of Penthouse Variations (she found the stories and letters very arousing). My heart began to pound and I felt a little light headed when I realized what she was up to.
Without even looking at me, she calmly walked over to the sofa and proceeded to lay down on her tummy. She began to read her magazine in a very leisurely manner, as if she had all day. She knew who was in control of this situation and she would take as much time as she damn well felt like taking! She had however, managed to lay in such a way, so as to ensure that her gorgeous ivory colored soles were facing in my direction. I felt my cock beginning to stir, so I crawled over to were I could get a better look at her soles and settled in for what I now knew was going to be a long drawn out ordeal.
She eventually found a story or letter which turned her on, so she moved her right hand down between her legs and into her panties so she could gently touch her special spot. I loved it when that happened because I knew that we were at least on the road to relief and also because I wanted her to begin to point her toes.
As she would became increasingly aroused, she would begin to straighten her legs out and point her toes like a ballerina would. Initially, there would be just the hint of a toe point. As her arousal would build, she would begin to point and relax her toes more and more frequently and harder until eventually she would just leave them pointed without relaxing them at all.
God, I loved it when she would point her toes. This would cause her soles to crinkle up like two little old fashioned washboards. It was such a turn on to be able to see her growing arousal reflected in this manner by her feet. By this time, I would have my cock out and I would be gently stroking it with just my fingertips. Anymore stimulation then that, and I would cum. I didn't want to cum yet. I was having too much fun watching her. It is so hard for a man to wait for a women. Women are so good at teasing and arousing themselves. Not like us men, we just want to grab our cock and jerk it off until we cum.
When she had aroused herself sufficiently (about a half hours worth of blue balls for me) she would say, 'Please plug my toy in for me and you better get your cum towel, cause your gonna need it.' Her 'toy' is a small Oster muscle massager. It is very powerful and it came with an attachment which is perfect for massaging a women's clitoris. I've used it to masturbate on a number of occasions and I still can't figure out how she was able to tease herself with it for so long before she finally relented and allowed herself to cum. I turn it on, place it against the sensitive, pink colored underside of my erect cock and I practically tense up and cum almost immediately.
Sometimes, I place the vibrator on the floor, put a soft towel over it and slowly fuck it. WOW!! I am always treated to a gut wrenching cum when I do this. The hard part is keeping myself from cumming too fast. I have to pull my erection away from the instrument of torture numerous times before I finally relent and allow it to make me cum. I like to look at pictures of women's feet when I masturbate this way. I place them on the floor before me and look at each one until I find the one which pleases me the most. Then I allow myself to focus in on that particular photo as I buzz my cock to ecstasy. It really enhances my arousal and helps me to cum. You see, it is difficult for me to cum without the visual stimulation provided by a nice, sweet pair of female foot bottoms!!
As for my towel, she doesn't like for me to ejaculate on the carpet, etc. so she always keeps a couple of clean towels under our bed to use for catching my cum.
I plug her toy in and hand it to her. Without a word, she takes it from me, sets the speed on slow, positions it between her legs and returns to her reading. I unfold a clean, soft towel and lay it out on the floor were I plan to masturbate Then I position myself so that I can grind my cock against the towel as I watch her masturbate.
I want to fondle her soles so badly! I want to lick, suck, and gently bite them. But I'm not allowed. I'm only permitted to look at them. No touching or talking permitted. She doesn't want any distractions.
Oh what sweet bliss to watch this gorgeous women ride her toy. Within minutes of touching her toy to her clit she pointed her toes. It made me want to take my cock and scrap it back and forth against her wrinkled soles. I wanted to fuck those sweet soles. To feel her smooth heels and wrinkled arches and to fuck that wrinkled little valley that forms in the balls of her feet when she points her toes. That sublime wrinkled little valley has given me some of my most intense orgasms. I wanted to put some baby oil on her soles and pull my cock back and forth against them from heels to toes and back to heels in long, slow, and deliberate strokes until...but this was not to be. This was for her pleasure, not mine.
Soon, she begins to softly whimper as her arousal builds. It is so good to watch the muscles of her ass flex and ripple as she fucks her toy, forcing it down into the sofa with each downward thrust of her powerful hips. Occasionally, when she senses her orgasm getting to close, she quickly pulls her hips away from her lover and pauses for a moment to allow her arousal to subside. Sometimes, it was hard for her to pull away. She would cry out and continue to move and buck her hips, but there was nothing to rub herself against except thin air...not very satisfying.
By now I am on my knees with my face next to her wrinkled soles and the raging erection in my hand begging (screaming) for release. She senses my need and tells me to, 'Hold on baby. Not yet lover, not yet. Wait for me.'
Finally, she reaches down and switches the setting to high. Her toy becomes noticeably louder and it has an almost angry quality to it, as if to say, 'I've had enough, I'm going to make you cum whether you like it or not!' She now begins to fuck in a more serious and urgent manner. She quickly thumbs through her reading material to find a passage which feels good to read. She has finally reached her point of no return.
As her orgasm nears, she ceases her rhythmic fucking and instead lifts herself up onto her forearms and forces her pelvis down against her tormentor by tightly clenching her ass and leg muscles. Her head is thrown back and she begins to softly whimper and moan through tightly clenched teeth as her relentless lover vibrates against her. She attempts to hold herself as still as she possible can but the sexual tension in her loins is becoming unbearable.
Soon enough, the primal urge to move her hips and fuck her lover once again overtakes her. As always, her goal is to hold back her orgasm for as long as possible, so she only permits herself to very slowly flex her ass muscles. First her right cheek would tense, followed by her left. Then her right cheek would relax, again followed by her left. She very quickly would establish a wonderful rhythm and I cannot even begin to describe to you just how erotic it was to watch those muscles ripple like this in slow motion! Soon, her body would begin to twitch and writhe as she reached the limits of her endurance. I begin to suspect that my torture is nearly over.
Finally she slowly utters the words I've been waiting to hear for so long, 'Oh Baby, I'm gonna cuumm!' Still up on her forearms, head thrown back, eyes tightly closed, her body is racked by an initial spasm which causes her to cry out and to open her eyes wide and stare up at the ceiling. Her face is a mask of intense sexual pleasure. She has worked so hard and waited so long and it feels soo good! Four or five quick rabbit like thrusts of her hips are followed by another series of spasms and so it goes on and on and it seems as if her orgasm will never end! What great orgasms she would have. She would let out a low guttural growl which would eventually turn into, 'Oh God, it feels so good, it feels so good.' Eventually, she would crumple like a rag doll and lay there, gasping for air like a fish out of water.
The best part was watching the soles of her feet as she came. She would point her toes so hard! It felt so good to be able to watch her and her feet as I urgently fist-fucked my cock to orgasm.
This lady really knew how to satisfy us both at the same time. When she was a little girl, she had first learned how to orgasm by laying on her tummy and masturbating. Now as an adult, she was only able to have her most satisfying orgasms in this manner. Which worked out perfectly for me, because I love to watch a women masturbate herself to orgasm and I especially like to watch the soles of her feet while she does it.



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