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Witness To a Spanking

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It's Jennifer again. I haven't had anything to write about for a while, but I've been reading profusely and love the stories. The other day something happened that I think some readers will find interesting. My previous stories told you about how being spanked by my parents had become a turn-on for both me and my brother as we were growing up, leading to quite a lot of masturbation.

I'm in college now in California's Southern San Joaquin Valley (just north of LA). My dad pays for a room for me in a house owned by a nice lady (Mrs. Montgomery). My room is a converted attic, so somewhat large. I recently found out it was previously used by her kids as a sort of den. I guess the family is renting it to me for some extra income. This is my second semester in college staying with them, and classes just started about a week ago.

Anyway, Mrs. Montgomery has two kids: Sally and Jack. I get along pretty well with both of them and we kid each other sometimes. Their school didn't start up again until this past Monday. I guess Sally has a really difficult time keeping her room clean-which I totally understand. However, her mom is really riding her about cleaning it up. Apparently all the stuff they used to keep in the den (which is now my room) now has to find a place in their rooms. So I kind of feel responsible in a way. If you were to see my room, you would know I understand. I have piles of clothes everywhere.

I guess it finally came to a head last week on Friday. The rest of the week I have classes in the morning and afternoon. But on Friday I only had one morning class and came home about lunch time. Mrs. Montgomery usually comes home at lunch time every day as well. As I walked in, I heard some shouting upstairs. I went up and saw Jack standing in the hallway outside his room. It didn't register until I got closer, but Jack definitely had his hand on his crotch. As I came around the corner at the top of the stairs, he moved it away quickly and I could start to hear a little better. It was definitely a sound I recognize: a hand spanking a bare bottom.

To get to the stairs that go to my room you have to walk past all three bedrooms upstairs-both kids' and Mrs. Montgomery's.

I put two and two together rather quickly and realized Jack was just like my brother-he was getting off from listening to his sister's spanking. And a quick glance at the tent in his pants confirmed this. Frankly, I completely understood and my panties were probably going to be wet soon too. Nevertheless, I thought I'd have a little fun with Jack so I asked what's going on as I looked at his crotch.

He whispered back that his mom had enough of Sally's messy room and was spanking her. I rolled my eyes and whispered back, 'Yeah, I can hear that, Jack. I meant what's going on with you?' And again I looked right at his tented crotch and asked, 'What are you doing?'

He got flustered, and lowered his head and turned to the side so his crotch wasn't pointing at me. 'Nothing, just seeing how bad it is, you know.'

I looked in his room and whispered back, 'your room's a little messy too, Jack. Maybe you're next.' He then went back into his room and closed the door-I'm guessing so he could take care of his needs.

I proceeded down the hallway past Sally's door and glanced in on the way to the attic stairs. Sure enough, Sally was laying there over her mom's lap. It really reminded me of my childhood spankings. Her panties were completely off and I had a nice, though way to brief, view of her now pink little bottom just before another swat was delivered.

Mrs. Montgomery saw me walking by and caught my eye on the way past. Then she said to Sally, 'and whether Jennifer keeps her room clean or not is not an issue for you to worry about. I'm not her mother, I'm yours, and you will do as I say and keep this room clean.' I then heard several more swats and grunts as I made my way to the stairs.

Wow! So it seems like Sally tried to throw me under the bus by comparing my messy room to hers.

Anyway, I made it to my room and could hear several more swats as I took my own pants and panties off and laid over some pillows on my bed-sort of in the same position I had just seen Sally-and imagining I could get a spanking like Sally as I rubbed my little puss and had a really nice cum.

I really miss being spanked and the fantastic cums I get when I masturbate afterwards.

I'd love to hear from others who have seen someone get a spanking and masturbated afterwards. Please tell us about it here or in the comments section.



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