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Without Even Speaking a Word

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This happened last night and I can't wait for tonight. I'd love to hear what readers think about this... as you can tell by the story I really got off thinking about how people know I masturbate.


This story happened last night, and my whole body is still tingling with the implications of what just happened and what could happen between my sister and I. I masturbated with my sister for the first time last night, and we never even said a word! I just turned 18 in February, and my sister is a year younger than me, having just turned 17. I've been masturbating for a couple of years, and though I never really thought about it, I guess my little sister has been too.

Yesterday, my boyfriend walked me home from school. As usual, we took a shortcut through the park and stopped to make-out for a while. The park is a nice place to make-out as it is private and there is no chance we can be seen from my house, my parents don't mind that I have a boyfriend, but they are kind of strict and wouldn't be happy about what we do. Anyway, for the first time yesterday I didn't stop my boyfriend when he slipped his hand under my shirt and squeezed my breasts, or when he ran his other hand up my skirt and ran his firm fingers over my bum. I didn't let him inside my bra or undies though.

This heavy make out session got me so hot that it was such a struggle to peel away from my boyfriend and run home. I so wanted to stroke my pussy, but I'm part of a large family and there would be no privacy until we all went to bed. My pussy was throbbing all evening through dinner and when the family was sitting around watching TV all I could think about was those hands on my breasts and bum, I could barely wait for bed.

Even after we all went to bed I still had to wait for my sister to go to sleep, we have to share a room because of the large family. Eventually her breathing became slow and regular and I felt it was safe to take care of myself. I don't wear undies to bed so all I had to do was hike up my nightie and I could start to explore my pussy.

I began by running my fingers slowly up and down my lips as I rapidly became wetter and wetter. I squeezed my breasts and imagined that it was boyfriend's hands. I slipped inside my soft lips and started stroking my clitoris; small circles on my clit always send me over the edge. This time though I was imagining letting my boyfriend do it to me.

I was having such a good time that I mustn't have realised that my suppressed moans had woken my little sister. I didn't notice until she let out a stifled moan of her own. My little sister had woken up and must have been so turned on at the thought of me masturbating that she had joined in too.

I gave out a long sigh to let her know that I knew she was awake, though I couldn't bring myself to look over at her, I just rolled my face into my pillow and blushed. The thought of my sister not only knowing what I was doing but even participating got me so aroused that a strong orgasm began to build up in the depths of my body. I pressed down hard on my clitoris and started to hump my hand. I was moaning rather loudly now, and so was my sister.

My orgasm crashed over me like a wave and pleasure surged outwards from my pussy, overtaking my whole body. I had to bite down on my pillow to stop from waking the entire house. My sister also started moaning and breathing heavily, I could tell that she must've had an explosive orgasm too.

I shouldn't have been able to sleep after masturbating in front of my little sister, but I was so spent from my orgasm that I simply rolled over and drifted off into a deep sleep and some very pleasant dreams. I still can't believe that I masturbated with my sister (so to speak) and neither of us said a word at all and didn't even speak about it today. I was thinking that maybe tonight I might start to masturbate again and if my sister joins in then I could kick off the blankets and let her watch my fingers at play. I wonder if she will let me watch her little pussy. Just the thought of that has gotten me all worked up, and I can't wait until bedtime all over again.



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