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With Wifes Aunt

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Absolutely true experience...


I'm a 39 yr old married guy, happily for the most part, but in a sexless marriage for the last few years. It's all due to some medical problems my wife has encountered, and sadly her libido and desire is zero. On a number of occassions, and with increasing frequency, she has said to me that she would understand if I sought 'release' from another woman. At first it was jokingly, but more often it has been serious. I've never really contemplated looking elsewhere, until the following happened.

My wife has an Aunt Deidre (Aunt Dee) who is just a sweetheart. She lives about five hours away, so we only see each other four to five times a year. She travels often, and when she swings by our way she will stop and spend the night. A few months ago she called to say she would be in town, and it so happened my wife Joan was out of town at her Moms for a few days, helping her get back on her feet after surgery. I told Dee to come on by, I'd make dinner and we could catch up, and the guest room was all set up.

Dee is a wonderful gal, full of energy for her age (67) and we just have a good, natural chemistry. We converse freely and share a similar sense of humor. I made a quick dinner of baked ziti which we enjoyed while shooting the breeze about everything under the sun, family, news, politics, etc. While we were in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes, the topic turned to Joan and she asked how things were. Her questions became a bit more direct, and I was thinking it was almost like she knew what our situation was like sexually. I wondered if Joan had confided in her Aunt Dee...

And sure enough, as I'm thinking that Dee comes out and says 'Listen Bill, I know your situation and I feel SO bad for you. I talk to Joan on the phone all the time, and she tells me all the time how bad SHE feels for you. We kid because I tell her how lonely I am and miss being with a man, and she says we should get together' We both laughed, but I can tell she was eyeing me, wondering how I'd react. I couldn't believe she had just told me this, and the possibilities ran through my mind.

Now Dee is a husky woman with silver hair, a large bust and a round but shapely ass. She has been widowed for over 10 yrs, and doesnt date often. I always wondered about her love life, or if she had one.

She broke the momentarily silence by saying, 'You know, don't be shocked, but as I've told Joan, I'm a bit insatiable, you should buy stock in Eveready batteries because I stock up all the time.' She winked and blushed and laughed, and I laughed with her.

She held her hand out and I took it, and she led me into the living room. We sat on the couch and she looked into my eyes.

'Bill, we're both adults with needs. You know it and I know it. JOAN knows it. If we helped each other out, and kept it between us, no one would be the worse for wear. Now we can't have intercourse, that just wouldn't be right, but we can pleasure each other with our hands. Would you feel comfortable doing that, with an old lady like me?'

At that moment she looked gorgeous. Older yes, a bit wrinkly and almost grandmotherly, but gorgeous. Her face was flushed, and she had a mischievous smile. I didn't hesitate in responding, and told her how beautiful I thought she was and it would be a pleasure being with her. She reached over and pulled my shirt over my head, and in one motion began rubbing my chest..her hands quickly went to my belt buckle, and in an instant my pants and underwear were off. She looked at my cock and smiled, and simply whispered, 'Oh my, that's nice'.

It was my turn to undress her. She became a bit shy and needed a little reassurance from me that I wanted to see her naked. Finally I began to unbutton and remove her white blouse. She was wearing a white underwire bra, and her nipples were easy to detect as they were hard. She stood and I removed her black slacks, under which she wore a tan nylon panty girdle. I proceeded to stand behind her, hugging her with my cock pressed against her butt, and cupping her breasts through her bra. We both sighed and moaned a bit, and after a few moments of grinding against her and kissing her neck I unsnapped her bra, releasing her full but slightly sagging breasts. They were capped by very large pink nipples that were classic pencil erasers, and silver dollar sized areolas. I sat on the couch and had her stand in front of me as I lowered her panty girdle. Now granted she had a bit of an old lady paunch, but to me she was sexy as hell. Her mound was covered by a thick wide patch of black pubic hair, it was apparent she trimmed the edges but that was it.

She lowered herself onto the couch next to me, and I told her I wanted to see her touch herself. She giggled like a school girl as she slowly spread her legs and began to run her finger up and down her slit. I began to kiss her nipples and she sighed deeply. After a minute I nudged her hand away and began to finger her myself. Surprisingly she was quite moist, and the scent emanating from her pussy was delightful. Her lips were full and prominent, and open, and her clit was a hard pea-sized bullet that, when I rubbed it, caused her to moan and arch her back. I diddled her for no more than a few minutes before she began thrashing around, bucking her hips and moaning until she grabbed my wrist, shot her legs straight out and let loose with a low, guttural 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' that signalled her orgasm.

It took a moment for her to catch her breath, and as she did, I masturbated myself slowly while I looked at her body. I was SO turned on by her pubic hair and her surprisingly supples thighs. When she opened her eyes she looked at me and smiled, and it was her turn to bump my hand out of the way. She had long fingers, wrinkled and with some age spots on her hand, but OH MY it felt wonderful as she stroked me. I was leaking copiuous pre-cum, and as she rested her head on my chest and jacked me I reached around and squeezed her plump butt, rubbing my middle finger up and down her butt crack. The feeling was exquisite and I couldn't hold off, warning her of my orgasm, but it was too late (or she didn't care) and I let loose with the fullest, wettest orgasm I had in years, which drenched her breasts and neck with my cum as well as her arm and hand.

It was an AMAZING experience, capped by us sleeping in each others arms that night and showering together the next morning before she left. Aunt Dee will forever hold a special place in my heart.



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