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With Two Much Older Women

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When I was a young stud of twenty one, I had the pleasure of having a wonderful experience with two very much older women.

Two of my friends and I had taken the one's thirty eight foot motor yacht out for a bar hoping cruise in Newport Bay, California, one warm summer Saturday night.

We ended up at the Villa Nova restaurant, where we met three gals out on the town. One was much younger than the other two, and she ended up with my one younger friend.

The two older dames, probably in their late fifties, were with me and my other buddy. The lady with me was very 'well preserved' for her age, tall, slender and with short, page boy blonde hair.

We took the gals for a Harbor cruise and by the time we returned to the restaurant, the older woman I was with had become very friendly and wanted her and I to hold back on the boat and let the other two couples go ashore.

I recall we embraced and were kissing.. and that somehow we got onto the subject of her breasts and how they were still 'perky'. She took my hand and held it to one of her boobs, and told me she wanted to see me again, and that we could have a lot more fun next time!

I did get her number and called her the next weekend. I ended up meeting her at another bar in Newport Beach.

As it turned out, this bar was frequented by mostly older customers, in fact they were much older than she was; we're talking grey hairs!

I had a drink with my older lady friend, and she introduced me to one of her lady friends sitting next to us at the bar.

Her friend was probably in her late seventies, and yet, like the gal I was with, was still in very good shape; a sweet but somewhat sexy old lady, who couldn't comment enough to my date about how 'young I was' and how 'handsome I was'.

I like older women and it was I must admit, an enjoyable moment, having not one but two much older women fawning over me.

As the night progressed, my lady said that her daughter was staying with her and that she wanted to 'take me home' but couldn't do it that night.

She then turned to her older friend and asked if she'd mind if we all went to her place!

The old gal lit up and said, 'oh, that would be fine'.. so we left, and caravaned to a small but very nice condo right on the canal next to Balboa Island.

Once inside, our elderly hostess poured us all a glass of wine and we sat and talked for a while. My lady and I were on a couch and our hostess across the coffee table from us in a recliner chair.

My lady eventually got very frisky, and was kissing me passionately and getting turned on doing it. I remember how very soft her lips were and how delicatley her tongue flicked into my mouth. I too became aroused and felt my breathing speed up.

A big part of the arousal was due to the fact that sitting just across from us was her elderly friend watching us make out, and who appeared to be enjoying it tremendously!

The older lady occasionally would make sounds of approval and quietly say stuff like 'He's such a handsome man!'.

It was a rather bizarre scene, yet one that was increasingly exciting to me, especially when I realized that the lady I was with had no inhibitions about having sex with me right there in front of her older friend!

What happened was exactly that as, while gently french kissing me, my 'date' put her hand on my now semi-erect dick and started fondling me through my pants!

I got hard and she then unzipped me and took my now fully erect penis out in plain view!

She went down on me as our elderly hostess looked on. I got the sensual sensation that our hostess had not seen a man in quite a few years, as she excitedly proclaimed, 'Oh my ..He's very big, isn't he'!

My lady friend took her mouth off me, lay her head on my chest and proceeded to start jacking me off.

I got extremely turned on, as my gal rubbed me furiously while the elderly lady watched intently!

It was the best hand job I ever got, she would go faster then stop and pull down tight at the base of my now rock hard erection.

Our elderly voyeur would just keep saying things like 'Oh my, yes!', and 'Isn't that beautiful ..Oh my yes!'

Ultimately I knew I was going to cum and I was going to do it in front these two ladies and on her nice couch. I told my gal that I was going to cum, so that she could stop but she just kept stroking me. In another few moments, it was too late, I was going to shoot!

I felt my cock stiffen even more as my semen pumped up my shaft and out into into the air, onto her hand and the surrounding couch, as the elderly lady across from us looked on!

My lady said nothing; the older woman said 'Oh, it's made a mess now ..don't worry, I'll clean it up'

I was breathless, and laid my head back as the two mature ladies cleaned us up and put me back in my pants.

It was a night and two older ladies I'll never forget!



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