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With Two Gals

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When we reminisce.


When I was in my twenties I had two girl friends named Rhonda and Amy. I would often visit them after work. The two of them were in a semi relationship with each other. The two of them were exploring their sexuality at the time. I knew Rhonda was a lesbian, only she didn't know it for sure at the time. Amy was straight but I guess at the time she liked to have another gal finger her pussy. Amy is now married and has a few kids, Rhonda is married to another woman.

The two of them liked to tease me and see how long it would take them to get my dick hard. It never took long and I'd have to sit with a pillow over my lap until I could get it to go down.

This went on for months and I took the friendly ribbing about my big dick. They always called me a horn dog but truth be told they were the horn dogs. Sometimes I'd go over to their house on our days off and they'd still be sleeping till way after two in the afternoon. Once they slept till four. Geez, talk about staying up and doing whatever they did all night. I still don't know what two lesbians do besides lick pussy.

I think once they started they couldn't stop because they were multi orgasmic. How many times a night can one person come? With lesbians the sky is the limit.

One night I was over, they made me dinner and we were sitting around watching a movie when one of them decided to play their usual game and see how long it would take for me to have to grab a pillow.

This time I played different, I got a huge boner sticking straight down my leg and I did nothing to hide it. They went on teasing me and throwing me a pillow and I'd just throw it back their way.

Rhonda said my bulge was obscene but Amy just looked at it. Then Rhonda kept trying to fondle it. I'd hit her hands away. Amy said Rhonda's bark was worse than her bite and I should call her bluff.

I did just that. I did nothing to stop her. Rhonda threw a pillow over me then, I grabbed it and threw it across the room. Rhonda not to be out done said if I was going to sit there with a boner that she'd pull it out of my pants and I could sit there and show them instead of half hiding it.

All along she thought I'd run for cover. I did not. She pulled my belt open and started to unzip my pants slowly. She was going slow waiting for me to stop her. Amy was laughing knowing this game was going to end soon cause she knew Rhonda too well.

But now Rhonda had gone too far and she couldn't stop or we'd give her the horse laugh. She kept waiting for me end it and I was intent on seeing just how far she'd go.

Rhonda is sitting next me on the couch on my left and reaches into my shorts and pulls out my totally erect cock. Amy screams when she sees it and Rhonda is laughing saying that I can go into the bathroom and take care of myself. I was having none of it. I said I'd jack it off right there in front of them.

Rhonda said my thing looked funny. I asked how many she's seen. None. Only her little brother's.

Amy said it looked just fine to her and not to pay attention to Rhonda.

So now Rhonda thought the game was over and I'd be a coward and go cover up.

I just grabbed hold of my seven inch long steel shaft and stroked it. Rhonda is screaming not to ruin her couch. Amy ran and got a towel and some hand lotion. She told Rhonda she lost the bet. She made her bed, now lie in it. She wasn't going to see me anymore walk home with a case of blue balls as she called it.

Amy sat down next to me and pumped a few squirts of lotion onto my cock. Then she took over. She pumped my cock for about a minute and then told Rhonda to take over. Rhonda of course objected. Amy told her she'd seen enough to see how it was done. She said that either Rhonda finish me off or she'd take me into their bedroom with out her and get me off with a lot more than a hand.

Rhonda relented and sat down again. At first she acted a little inept but I think stroking a cock just comes naturally to some. She could do it better than I did myself. She had a little twist she would do with each stroke.

Now whatever was said and done before this, all bets were off, we all laid our cards on the table and no way was anybody going to stop until we all had come at least once.

Amy had her pants off and had a finger going crazy over her clit. Rhonda was brushing her legs back and forth against each other. I put a hand down her jeans and found nectar. Her pussy was so warm and wet, if felt wonderful. She grabbed my shoulder and shuddered.

Amy said that was one. It was her turn now. She got closer and I put my other hand into her furry patch. I slid a finger into it. That was all she needed for me. I was shooting off like a geyser.

When I was all over Rhonda said that it was quite a scene to see a cock shoot cum. She never knew what she had been missing.

Not enough for her to go straight just enough to know she wanted that to happen again.

After that it we did it every week. Sometimes twice in day. Lesbians are such horn dogs, they have to cum more times than when I was sixteen.

Years later I ran into Amy when she came back to visit her mom. I played with her then and every time after she came to see her mom. It's been quite some time now, many years since her mother died. I still dream of her. Rhonda though, wish I had fucked her at least once.

To this day I jack off dreaming about her beautiful blonde pussy. She had one of the prettiest cunts you'd ever have seen. All I got to do with it was look at it and cream my hand.



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