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With Two Friends

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A lot of stories on this site start with 'I'm not gay but...' well I, Am but I'm going to tell you this anyway.


Back when I was about 12 or 13 I lived across the road from my school, so it was the best place for the kids to go to wait for their parents to come and pick them up. On one occasion was my best friend Anthony and my other friend Sarah (all about the same age).

We were all sitting on the floor in my room talking about which teachers we hated most and what toys we had, when Anthony suddenly asked me, 'Does your Willy ever go big?' Sarah was obviously shocked and she asked, 'Big?'. I'd had many erections so I told him it did. Sarah then looked at me, 'What do you mean, Big?'

Anthony stood up and undressed. As soon as Sarah saw his erection she gasped but couldn't look away, and neither could I. His penis was slightly bigger than mine and surrounded by beautiful red hair. Then he sat down again. Sarah pulled her eyes away from him to look at me questioningly. Without saying a word I slipped my own cock out through the leg of my shorts to show her that it really did happen to everyone and we sat there with Sarah looking at our members.

'It happens sometimes' he explained to her, 'but I don't know why.' I'd discovered masturbation a couple of weeks earlier so I knew exactly what it was for. I asked him, 'Do you rub it?' He told me he didn't and asked why.

Sarah was staring at his cock again so I reached over and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I was amazed how warm and hard it was between my fingers as I gently slipped his foreskin back until the head was completely uncovered. She was starting to get over her shock so she asked, 'What's that?'. Apparently she'd never seen a penis before.

'This feels good' I told them, and began to stroke him up and down. Sarah didn't say anything else and just watched. Anthony put his hands flat on the floor behind him and leaned back watching my hand.

We sat like that for about five minutes, Sarah and Anthony watching his cock as I worked it. I noticed he was breathing in time with my strokes. After a few more minutes he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

'What's happening?' asked Sarah, but I already knew. I could feel his muscles tensing as he drew in a shuddering breath, held it for a second then he actually yelled out as the spasms hit his body and he fell back. I kept rubbing up and down until he finally stopped shaking and then let go of his cock.

'What was that?' asked Sarah again. I told her it feels really good, but I didn't know how to do it to girls. 'Can I try?' she asked me so I lay back.

She reached out and gently touched my throbbing cock. It was almost as if she was checking it was real and then, once sure it wasn't going to bite, she closed her fingers around me. She moved her hand down and my foreskin slipped back, she smiled, 'I love that bit' and then started to move her hand up and down.

The fact that her eyes never left my penis excited me in a new way and I could already feel the orgasm gradually building inside me.

Unfortunately, before she could finish me off, Anthony's parents pulled up outside and my mother called up to us. We hurriedly put our clothes back on and he ran outside without saying anything.

He was already climbing into his parents car by the time Sarah and I could get to the front door. Instead of going straight outside she turned to me and leaned close. As she whispered 'thank you' into my ear she reached down and grabbed by erection through my shorts and I almost came right then. Before I could say anything she ran to the car and got in too.

I watched them leave then went back upstairs for the best solo session I've ever had.



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