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With the Volleyball Team

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Back when I was in high school I went to the volleyball games at times. When I did, I usually ended up getting to ride the bus with the team. The first few times I didn't really think much about it but after a few times I grew to like it a lot, for good reason. I helped out some and the girls began to get a little more used to me and would tease me. After games they would often go to shower and say things like, aren't you coming Curt, then laugh a little and go take a shower. I wish I thought to myself, seeing them in their tight shorts was unbearable. Anyway, the one game was away and our school had won. We got onto the bus and started to leave, it was a little bit of a drive. I sat at the back of the bus with Karen, Julie, and Tara, a couple of the girls in my class. We were a few rows back from some of the other girls and so on. Tara had a little reputation for being a little wild and seeing her in her shorts did a number on me, and Julie knew it. She began to tease me, saying stuff like, I bet you go home and whack off after seeing us play and I bet your dick's hard right now. I had dated her best friend for awhile but secretly wanted it to be Julie. Anyway, what happened next I wasn't expecting. Tara reached over and grabbed my dick through my jeans and said, yep, you're right Julie. What?, Julie replied. He's hard as a rock, Tara said. I bet you feel like going home and jacking off, Julie said, why wait, why don't you just do it now. I gave her a smile and joked a little bit, then before I knew it Tara was reaching for my zipper. As she began to unzip and unbutton my jeans, Karen's and Julie's attention began to focus on me. Tara started to try to pull down my pants and I helped her. My cock sprung out of my jeans, popping out as my underwear was pulled down. Oh my god blurted out Karen who was really quiet up to this point. My breathing became heavy as the adrenaline was pumping. Tara began to work her hands up and down my cock as Julie and Karen looked on. I was a little nervous about being caught but at the same time excited. The three began to laugh and giggle as they switched from watching me to watching towards the front of the bus. I leaned back a little in my seat as Tara stroked up and down up and down. I tilted my head back a few times it felt so good but quickly tried to gain my composure so everyone else wouldn't catch on. It was too late though, they knew. I saw a bunch of them looking back in awe, trying to see what was going on, laughing and giggling, one or two pointing. Luckily the coaches were at the front of the bus. Does that feel good Curt, said Karen. Yeah, does that feel good Curt, said Julie. Uh, huh, was all I could say. I could feel my leg twitch a little as well as my cock. I knew I was gonna cum real soon. I let out a few moans and the girls imitated me a little, laughing and giggling some more. Tara said, tell me when you're gonna blow Curt and I said ok. I couldn't believe this was happening, it was probably only about ten minutes but seemed like forever. One stroke after another, it was too much to take and when Karen joked that she was gonna have to go home and 'beat off now' that was it. I felt my dick literally jump with that final stroke and tried to stifle my moan. I couldn't see how much of a mess I made because it was too dark, but the three girls laughed and said holy shit as they watched me convulse while Tara milked the last few drops out of me. I'll never forget that night as long as I live and the girls on that team never did either, at least not throughout school anyway. Just the thought of it still gets me going.



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