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With the Girl Next Door

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One of my most treasured memories.


The girl next door and I had a special affinity for each other. When I was in high school and she was in junior high, she would come over and talk with me or sit and listen while I played piano. Five years later, I was in grad. school and she had just finished high school. I was home from school and we were buddies for the summer. She had a boyfriend, but would come over after her dates to spend time with me. We developed a practice where she would sit on my lap facing me, with her legs straddling mine. No pubic contact, but it was intimate and a little sexy. We would talk about anything and everything while listening to music.

One night, she mentioned that her breasts were two different sizes and asked if I would like to see if I could feel the difference. When I couldn't tell through her bra, I asked if she wanted me to feel them bare, and she said that would be okay. From then on, we always loosened her bra when she came over. On another night I asked if she had ever felt a boy's dick. She had not and I asked if she wanted to. She said yes and told her to wait while I make a little adjustment. I know she expected to feel me through my clothes, so when she wrapped both hands around my hard, bare dick, she gasped and said 'Oh, my God!' (I still treasure those words and that moment.)

One of our late night conversations was about masturbation. She said, 'I hear that guys do it a lot.' I admitted that was true for me and said I was fascinated with the idea of girls masturbating. She said she had done it only a couple of times. Somehow, we agreed that it would be neat and most intimate to have some further sharing of that part of our sexuality, and we left it at that.

The next week, she came over one afternoon as I was getting ready to masturbate. She passed my bedroom window on her way to the front door, and I think she caught a glimpse of me looking at myself naked in the mirror. I quickly put on my bathrobe and answered the door. There was no one else home. Once inside my room, she asked if I had thought any more about our 'little talk'. I said (blushing) that I had just been thinking about it. Taking a deep breath, I asked 'Would you like to be with me while I do it?' She said she was curious about what boys do and would feel all that much closer to me if I did.

I was trembling and my breath was so shallow I could barely push out the words as I said, 'Here are the rules. You stand next to me and watch me in the bathroom mirror. You can loosen your bra if you want to, but otherwise you must have all your clothes on. You cannot touch me or yourself. You can ask me any question and I have to tell you what I'm doing, what I'm thinking, or what it feels like.'

When she had agreed to the rules, I untied the belt and let my robe fall open. Taking some slippery stuff from the tip of my dick, I rubbed my nipples with it as my hips moved slightly. As excitement overcame my self-consciousness, I let the robe fall from my shoulders and drop to the floor. I pressed my balls against the cold edge of the sink and slowly began rubbing the slippery stuff lightly over the head of my dick. All the while, she watched adoringly in the mirror and pressed her hip slightly against my bare hip. I think to let me know that she was with me. I felt terribly exposed and vulnerable, but also excited and supported.

Unable to delay the full pleasure any longer, I reached into the medicine cabinet for some lubricant and began slowly stroking the head and then the full length of my shaft, while my left hand cradled my balls. What I saw in the mirror amazed me, for this had always been my most solitary and private act. My gaze followed the movement of her eyes as they alternated between my bare, hard dick and my facial expressions. Occasionally, I would pause and say something about what I was doing or feeling, which delayed my orgasm and increased the sense of intimacy. Finally, when I could hold back no longer, I squeezed my legs and ass tight and beat off until I came. Her breathing intensified ever so slightly as she watched the cum shooting from the end of my dick. She took a bit of cum from the sink and rubbed it between her thumb and two fingers, then helped me clean up and get dressed. Afterwards, we held each other and she said all the right things to make me feel okay about what had just happened.



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