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With the Boss

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I just want to share a personal fantasy of mine that hopefully will be realised very soon. During the holidays I work in a miscellaneous goods packaging company owned by an entrepreneurial couple. Their both in their early to late thirties, married at quite a young age and currently have two little girls, still in their pre-teens. In fact the age difference between myself and their eldest daughter is larger than the difference between me and the mother. Actually if we were together it wouldn't be weird at all.

Looking at her pre-pregnancy/marriage photos, one can see she still has this youthful look about her, albeit she's quite a full figure now. However I find myself extremely sexually attracted towards her, as I always feel this energy coming from her that I can't quite explain. She always dresses very casually, usually nothing more than sandals (I get very turned on when I see her walking barefoot on the odd occasion I've been to her house for a bbq or something), a loose fitting t-shirt, and black track pants. At the moment she's actually trying to lose weight, but still comes across as not very self- conscious, partly due to the fact that I can tell she seldom wears a bra, accompanied with sometimes slightly transparent shirts. Just imagining what that pussy of hers looks like after birthing twice just makes me wet.

Anyway, being that she is the boss, and married with kids, any pursuit of a relationship will most certainly be met with antagonising consequences. But how can any man not toil with the idea of an affair with an only slightly older woman, who comes across as flirtacious from time to time?

Anyway, here's how my fantasy plays out: we always close the week on a Saturday, and the one Saturday as we're about to close up, I overhear her talking to her husband, about how she wants to leave the kids with him at home that Sunday so she can come in and do paperwork in peace, to which he agrees. Having heard this, I carry on devising a plan. What I'll do is drive by the factory on Sunday mid-morning, come in quietly without being noticed (I have keys), and wank off to her in secret while she toils in the office. Then leave without a trace, simple.

Sunday comes along, and I drive there. Sure enough, her car sits outside. I go in through the back doors, where the trucks are parked, and quietly sneak through the factory, heading towards the office section where she sits, so I can peek through the blinds. However, instead of seeing her kneeling over books and a calculator as expected, she's lying on the desk, in complete uncensored naked glory, frantically sticking as much of her hands as she can inside her sweating cunt.

All sorts of thoughts go through my mind, eventually forcing myself to come to the conclusion that she's unsatisfied and needs something new to replenish her sexual hunger. Desperately wanting to answer this call, I swing open her door to confront her and get her response. She goes completely red and attempts to cover herself unsuccessfully. I tell her how I came to be there and why I felt she found herself in the position she was currently in. After some careful yet slight haphazard consideration we ultimately decide, to just pure and simply 'get off!'

She now shyly removes her arms from her figure, giving me permission to examine her. She never breast fed she says, so her breasts remain slightly firmer and fuller than usual, with nipples retaining their large and normal perky shape. Following her lines down her stomach displays some clear stretch marks though it fails to appear flabby and deformed, coming across as a simple round belly of a full figured lady. Her pussy is covered in a thick mantle of deep black fur, but she spreads her legs slightly to show that she does maintain it to keep it from spreading too far.

Mesmerised by this I fail to notice the large tent poking from my pants, to which she affectionately directs herself to, telling me she'll take care of it. Her experience clearly comes through as she carefully displays what can only be described as mastery of jack-off techniques. Upon reaching climax I shoot a massive load all over her chest which she licks off.

She then once again places herself atop the table and goes on to give me detailed instructions on how she wants me to finger her vagina. After almost an hour of pleasuring, she releases a vigorous orgasm and ejaculates a steady flow of juices all over the table and myself.

I came in my pants just writing this.

Hopefully one day it'll come true. Thanks for reading.



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