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With Sis in the Car

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With Sis in the Car
Hi, I am a 17 year old male, and this true story happened to me a few weeks ago. This story is about me and my sister, who is 19.
Me and my family live in Canada, and went on a drive to buffalo. My dad was driving the whole time while my mom talked and talked as usual. Me, my sister and my little brother (8) were all siting in the back. We drove for about 2 hours and we were all tired and hungry. We stopped at some fast food restarant. I told my parents i wasnt hungry and so did my sister, we stayed in the car just listening to music. My parents and little brother all went in and said they would be back in half an hour. For about 5 minutes it was quiet. I was bored and tired so i just watched people walk out of the restaraunt. I noticed this woman who must have been in her 40s with a cowboy hat on. She had the biggest pair of breasts i have ever seen! they must have been bigger than her head! She was wearing jeans and a short tight white tshirt. I kept staring at her while she was talking to her friends. I slowly rubbed my dick through my jeans and continued staring at her.
All of a sudden I hear my sister say "you horny little kid" My heart was pounding, i forgot my sister was in the car! I just sat there for another minute or so and then said "well i know you would rub yourself if you saw a hot guy! So shut up!" She said "yeah so whats your point". she said this with weird look on her face. She asked me if i ever masturbated. I told her hell no! She said she did it almost everyday. I was shocked, i dindt even know she was the horny type! I then confessed and told her that i did it a few times a week also. She then said well let me see you do it now. I told her no way! you do it! she said fine, she'll show me hers if i show her mine. She unzipped her jeans and pushed down her panties, just enough to reveal a smooth hairless pussy. It was nice! I kept my eyes on it, and she was insisting for me to show her. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard dick. it must have been about 5 inches at that time. it was getting bigger by the second. It was now hard as rock. all 8 inches. My sister demanded me to jerk it. I did slowly and then told her to do it for me. she wrapped all her fingers around my thickness and started pumping. she pulled down her pants a little more and did the same with her panties. she rubbed herself with one hand while pumping me with the other. she said she wanted to see me shoot. I told her that wouldnt happend unless she sucked it. she went down on me! she bent down and took all 8 inches down her throat. i knew she wasnt experienced. but she was doing ok. she continued to lick, suck and kiss my dick. i told her to wait a second. i opend the door and told her to lie down on the seats. i got out the car opend her legs and fucked her up her ass doggystyles. this continued for 5 minutes while she moaned and rubbed her tits. I wanted to cum so badly. i pulled my dick out got in the car whle jerking my self and told her to suck me. She sucked while i shot my load all over inside her mouth, she coughed, she took her mouth off my dick but started to vigousourly pump me to get every drop out, i shot another load whitch landed on my jeans. some more stickyness dribbled out and she licked it all off. I told her that was so good and i hoped it continued. my sister rubber herself and i heped her untill she orgasmed 2 times which took about 3 minutes or so. 10 minutes later, our parents and brother came back. whle we contunied driving. my little brother yelled " i want some to! what is that!" he said that while pointing to a big glob of cum on my thigh of the pants. he must have thought it was icing or something! I went red all of a sudded and so did my sister. I told my brother I had no more! i wiped it with a tissue and held it in my hand. a fe minutes later when my brothe wasnt watching us, my sister took the tissue outta my hand and licked it and then tossed it out the window. that was the end of the fun for that ride. It contnued thougout our trip though. Thats another story!



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