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With Sis

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This just started happening a few months ago.


After reading some of the stories on here I got to thinking about making one happen for myself. Lately I've been getting turned on thinking about my younger sister (14) naked. I'm 18. She has a hot body, brown hair, cute ass, and great boobs. I've been thinking about what she must look like naked and wondering how I could get a look at her. Well, here was my plan -

I decided one day that I would take a shower and maybe let her catch me naked drying off after the shower and see what happened. One Saturday when our rents were out and I knew she was home I decided to take a shower and leave the bathroom door open and see if she came by and maybe catch me by accident, naked, drying off. Well I guessed pretty good cuz it happened. I was taking my time in the bathroom walking around naked and slowly drying off when my sis walked by. At first she looked in and then said sorry and walked by. I said hey no problem and as soon as she heard that she came back and stood at the bathroom door and started talking to me. Wow was I surprised. Here I was standing there completely naked letting my sis get a look at me and she was just standing there looking and making up stupid stuff to talk about. Right then I knew she really wanted to see me and was taking her time having a good look. I finally put on a towel and we stopped talking and she left. Not a whole lot was said about me being naked except she did ask if was embarrassed or not and I just said no it wasn't a big deal.

About a week later I tried to make it happen again. I was standing in my bedroom with the door open changing when she walked by again and saw me. Again, she stopped and starting talking about stuff and I know she was just doing it to check me out. So I joked and said hey you always seem to come by when I'm naked and stand there looking at me, you must like what you see. She just said it was cool to look and since I didn't seem to care what's the big deal. I said well, I don't see you wanting to get naked, all you wanna do is look. Then she asked me 'why do you want to see me'? I said, well you've seen me a couple of times so heck why not. She just said well that ain't gonna happen and walked away.

A few weeks went by and nothing was said. Another time I was changing and again she came by but this time I grabbed a towel and covered up and she was surprised and said what 'are you getting shy now'. I said well no, I was just tired of giving her a show and I'm not gonna do it anymore. She just walked away and said nothing.

A few days later she surprised the heck out of me. She came by my room one day when our parents were out and said, 'Hey I thought about what you said. I was gonna take a shower and if you give me a few minutes first, then why don't you come in the bathroom and I'll let you watch me dry off'. Wow. I wasn't sure she was serious. I thought I would just take it for what it was and just wait and then go in the bathroom and see what happened. When I heard the water go off I knocked on the door and she said come in. She was standing there in a towel and looking nervous. She said 'well here goes' and she took off the towel and started drying herself off and I couldn't believe I was getting a look at everything. Man she looked hot. She's got great boobs and a nice patch of trimmed brown pubic hair. I couldn't believe I was getting to see it all. Then she slowly turned around and let me see her dry off her ass. Her ass was great. She said. 'well I guess you deserved a turn'. She asked me if I wanted to get naked again. I said sure but that I had a boner and was a little nervous about letting her see me hard. She said why don't you just strip off and I'll let you see more too if you want. So I stripped off and there we were in the bathroom checking each other out totally naked. This was exactly what I hoped would eventually happen. I felt weird though with a hard on and was kind of hiding it with my hands when she said hey you can stop covering it up. I said well can I see more of you. She said yea lets go in your room. She got on the bed and just sat there at first, then she slowly laid back and let me see her with her legs spread. OMG I almost came right then. I was so turned on, I just blurted out and asked her if she masturbated at all. Then she said she's been masturbating more since she started seeing me naked. Here was my 14 year old sis telling me she masturbated. Right then I started jerking off and she watched for a minute and then started rubbing herself like crazy too. We both came in like two mins. Wow, it was fantastic.

So now, about once a week when our rents are out we like to get naked and repeat the whole process.

We get naked and do a lot of looking and then watch each other get off and have a good orgasm. We are so cool with being naked now, and watching each other get off. We've basically shown each other everything. From what I've read here, a lot of sisters and brothers are fooling around, at least that's the way it seems.........



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