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With One of My Female Friends

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c'mon ladies! if i can write this all out you can write what happens to you :)


well i had invited my friend, Darcy, over very well knowing that i wanted to do stuff with her. I had fanatized about rubbing my fingers into her, and sucking on her clit, so it was about 1 AM and we had just finished off 3 movies, and thats when things started gettin hot.
she asked me if i happened to know any porn sites, and i was like yeah, so we get online and i show her teh site i knew about that has absolutely free pics, and we were lookin around for about 30 minutes and she turns to me and says 'i think im bi' i asked her why and she said cuz these pics are getting me so horney and i want you. i was like well i planned on doing stuff with you tonight so lets do it.
so i lit a inscence and a few candles, and turned on my blacklight in my bedroom and put on some music (Toni Braxton~The Art of Love) that was all moans and oohs, and really turn on music, and she stripped for me and layed down on my bed, now by that time i was like YES, and so i stripped down, very slowly under the blacklight showing that my bra and panties glowed and rubbed my breast while i took of my bra and rubbed in my panties before i took them off, adn that was getting her very hot adn she motioned for me to go to her adn i went and got onto teh bed with her.
We started to kiss and make out and i moved down to her tits adn sucked and licked her tits, then i kissed all the way down to her pussy and kissed all around her thighs and then finally dove into her pussy and sucked and licked until she coudlnt take it anymore, she came HARD all over my bed and then threw me on the back and went into her back back and got out a green dildo, she shoved it inside me, it was the first time i had ever had any kinda penatration, and it hurt at first but then i couldnt stop her i loved it so much, she fucked me with that while licking my clit, i came within 10 minutes and when i came she started kissing up my body adn licking my tits and sucking on my neck and up to my lips and we kissed more adn more, then i started grabbing her butt (she was ontop of me) and put my knee against her clit adn she rode my knee adn licked my tits, it was so good!
Then i decided i better show her my good, so i whipped out this handheld vib. i have, just a little clit one, she didtn know i had grabbed it cuz she had her eyes closed adn i turned it on all sneaky and put it up to her clit, she was so happy when i put that on her, she started bucklein her hips and lovin it, i put 2 fingers into her as i put the vib on her clit and moved it around till she told me to stop and pressed hard adn she came again. it was great.
we layed on the bed, tired as all hell, and fell asleep together, naked, all wrapped up in eachother. It was teh best night ever! i'm just so glad that my door has a lock :)



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