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With My Uncle

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It was so unbelievable.


Stick with me here, it's a good story at the end. When I had just turned 18, my uncle Eric and I were really close. My dad was never around when I was a kid so he was the one I went to for questions and everything. Well, two weeks after my 18th birthday party, my uncle decided to give me the whole 'sex talk'. I already knew everything he was talking about, but I wanted to know something else. See, he has always been popular with women, and they always compliment him about his size. Well I wanted to know how big of a difference there was in our sizes and if I was big or not. But there was no way I was going to ask him.

He went to go take a shower later that night, but he didn't know that the closet is connected and that there is a peep hole and slots to where you can see everything through the mirror. It was HUGE! I could not believe what I had just seen. Then the water turned off, to make sure I didn't get off I jumped down from the stool. CRASH! I fell on some ceramic plates, which clattered very loudly against the floor. well as you can probably guess he found out where I was. I went into my room quickly, hoping he wouldn't ask questions but he did. He came into my room as quickly as I had closed the door, no clothes, no towel, not an item of clothing. I really did not want to tell him that while he was naked, but he wouldn't leave until I did so I told him.

After I told him everything he asked to see my package. I said I didn't want to because I didn't want him to make fun of me, after all he is eleven inches. Well he told me to take my pants off, show him, and all would be forgiven. I did what he said and he grabbed it, I was hard instantly. 'wow' he said, your actually pretty big, nine inches wasn't as big as his eleven but it was good enough. He started jacking me off and I told him I was about to come, he said here, come on me. I said ok, and came all over his penis. Then he sat on me and told me to jack him off, I was so excited and I did, he is so hairy and it turned me on so much that I came again. He asked if I wanted to clean up so we went into the shower and he started kissing my neck and chest and started jacking me off and I jacked him off. I can't tell you the rest but you get the idea of where it was going.



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