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With My Two Friends

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My two best friends (Bryan and Robert) and I have jerked off together ever since we were eleven. We always go to Robert's house because it's the biggest and his mom lets us do anything. We have experienced new things ever since our first time together, we are now sixteen and it is totally different than when we were eleven.

One night we were at Robert's, as usual, and after his mom went to bed (and his dad was out of town), we all got instantly hard and rushed downstairs. His parents pay for the porn channels on cable, so we sat down close to each other on the couch and began watching. As I noticed the two of them beginning to reach into their shorts, I told them to stop, and fully strip. So the three of us did so and sat back down, with huge erections which we touched and caressed as we watched porn.

We usually get each other off to the point of cumming, and tonight was no different so far. We moved to the floor, sat closer so we could grab each other's dicks. We were all jerking furiously as we had large cocks in our hands which turned us on even more. But then Bryan had an idea. He said we should each get off by ourselves, taking turns so the others could watch. So that's exactly what we did. Bryan was first up, so Robert and I sat on the couch to watch. Bryan began jerking off strong and fast on his knees, and got a finger up his ass. Meanwhile Robert slowly passed his fingers on my cock and caressed it as I did the same to his. In a matter of minutes, Bryan was moaning as he was facing us, laid down on his back, opened his legs to us, and shot his load all over his chest and stomach. He then spread his hot cum all over himself. Robert then went down to the floor and got a lot of cum on his hands, and began spreading it on his own cock for his turn. Bryan came back on the couch where I continued to spread his cum on his chest and got some for my dick, and he was now playing with mine as I passed his cum on my balls.

Robert was sitting down on the floor facing us, wanking at his cock with Bryan's cum. With the other hand he pinched his nipple. He then stood up and pressed a finger between his anus and balls. After a little while his cock was getting swollen, and he was ready to shoot his load. He also laid on his back and came all over himself. Again, Bryan and I went down to help him spread his cum all over himself. I then got some for me and told them to go to the couch, it was my turn.

I faced them standing up, and got my hand wet with cum and passed it on my nipples, and brought it down all the way to my penis. Seeing Bryan and Robert playing with each other's cocks turned me on even more, and I began jerking faster. I could feel the huge amount of cum going up through my penis, I was about to burst. So I instantly laid down and jerked off with my cock pointing straight into the air, and I came around my stomach, thighs, and pubes. I kept jerking my cock even after I was done, and then began spreading my cum on my body. It was all so awesome.

My friends then came to me and played around with my cum too. We then heard footsteps, and froze. Robert's mom was coming in our direction with a huge smile and a sexy nightgown on. She sat on the other couch we weren't on, crossed her sexy legs, and said she loved seeing it. Bryan quietly asked how much of it did she see, and she answered she began watching right before Bryan came. She then said she was watching a porn movie in her room (the same one as us by the way) and she had left the lube to her dildo downstairs.

Robert's mom then said that it was totally OK that we did this, and she loved knowing that we masturbated together and often, because it's healthy. She then asked to see some action again. So the three of us sat together, and began masturbating each other as his mom watched with the naughtiest face ever, biting her lips. As we were close to cumming, the three of us stood up and formed a small circle, without cocks pointing at each other. We then shot our loads directly on each other's stomachs and cocks at the same time. It was amazing!

After that she went to bed, and told us to carry on as much as we liked. His mom also gave us the lube she was going to use, and told us that next time, she would lend us some toys that we could feel free to get them in her room. We did, for the rest of the weekend.

We continued to masturbate and talk about the subject until the sun came up, We slept naked in Robert's room, and the next day we went swimming naked in his pool. His mom asked us if we would mind that she took her top off to tan her breasts. Of course we didn't, and jerked off together in the pool and out of the pool.



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