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With My Step Brother

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I've only shared this with one other person. And she wasn't very nice about it. It seemed to affect our relationship; so, I don't let people in on this facet of my life. But after discovering this site I know I have something that I can tell here without anything coming of it.

When I was nine-years-old my mother remarried, and my step dad had a 12-year-old son. We moved into his two bedroom house and I had to share the master bedroom with my new step brother. They erected a divider, mostly blankets in the middle of the room attached to some boards they put along the ceiling.

The head board of my bed was against the head board of his bed. One night, about two weeks after this arrangement, I heard this persistent noise coming from his side and I peeped around the edge of the blanket to see him jacking himself off. This made me horny and I played with my pussy as I watched him do it.

After that I made a habit of watching him masterbate whenever I could while doing myself at the same time. I just looked around the corner of the blanket that divided our beds; so, I could get a good view looking over his head board. And he couldn't see my face because I could only see him from the chest down and even if he looked up I wasn't in his view. The tacks holding the blanket to the wall were on my side to the room; so, I had the access to open and close a window to his little world.

Now, he had a voyeristic thing going on too! The blanket by my desk didn't go all the way to the floor. My side of the room had access to the master bath which had a door leading to my room and another to the hallway. This is how I gained access to my side of the room.

A number of months after this arrangement I noticed him peering under the blanket, but I didn't let him know I saw him. It occurred to me that he had probably seen me come out after showering before. I would always emerge naked and dress in my room. That would mean from his vantage point he could look up and get a good view of my pussy.

The next time I showered I indeed saw him looking when I emerged after showering. So, I made a game of giving him a good show. I would do things like sit at my desk, on the front edge of my chair, with my legs spead and give him a good view. I would do stretching and other excercises while still naked.

This made me so horny, knowing he must be playing with his penis, that I would have to play with my pussy too. So, I was giving him what he had been giving me, a view of my genital area as we both masterbated.

However, when we did it that way I was deprived of seeing him. For that reason I would curtail some of my exhibitions in order to get a show for myself. This went on for a long time. I'm not sure how long, until he caught me looking at him jacking off. I made some vocal noise as I was getting off and he rose up and saw me, and got really mad.

As we talked about it I told him I had seen him a lot, and I liked to masterbate too. It's been so long now I don't remember the details, but he ended up coming over to my side and we fondled and played with each other. We spent many sessions after that manipulating each other's sexual organs.

Before these interludes I had not been sticking anything inside myself. He liked to work his fingers inside of me, which I didn't like the first time as I found it uncomfortable at first, but I learned to really enjoy his fingers working my pussy.

I know list rules have restrictions, which I must obey. One thing he liked is when I used two hands and would run them up and down the sides of his penis and balls. I brought him to climax many times that way. While I was doing that he would use his hands to finger and play with my clit. I taught him how to handle my clit.

We had tons of fun up until my mom and step dad separated and then divorced when I was 14.



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