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With My Sister

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Not our normal masturbation


My sister, Carole, and I have enjoyed wanking for many years. She is 18 months younger than me and it all started when I was about 14. Although we'd seen and shown each other our bodies for a while, she'd seen my cock when it was hard and I'd eagerly looked at her pussy, one day she watched me as I had a wank. I came on my stomach as she sat next to me with her eyes glued to my cock. She admitted later that she loved seeing my cock sneeze, as she called it. From then on she would watch me all the time. As time progressed, she would wank me off, show me her pussy (in and out of her knickers) while I wanked myself, and as she grew older, she would finger herself while I played with my cock. Inevitably, she let me finger her too. We tasted each other as she licked my cum off her hand and I would lick her juice off her or my fingers. She would even watch me while I wanked using a pair of Mum's knickers although I quite happily use Carole's knickers now. And we loved it. But one night something a bit different happened and it has always stuck firmly in our minds.

Carole and I had gone to a country pub to have a few drinks with some friends of ours. Carole was had just passed her driving test so it was payback time and she was driving. We were driving home after the pub had shut and I was desperate for a pee so I told her to stop in a gateway on the deserted country lane we were on. It was a clear night so she pulled over and switched the head lights off and I got out to pee in the hedge. To my surprise, she got out of the car too. I asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted to watch me pee. I didn't mind her seeing my cock so I made no move to stop her. As I was holding my cock and directing my pee towards the hedge she asked why I held it. I told her it was to direct the pee and make sure it went where it was supposed to, like in the toilet. She simply said 'oh' and asked if she could hold it for me.

'Okay, if you want to', I replied so she stood next to me and reached her hand over and took hold of my cock. She giggled a bit as she directed my pee in all directions. By the time I'd finished peeing, my cock was getting semi-hard. She asked 'What now?' so I told her I shook the drips off. Carole started to shake my cock but the shakes quickly turned into more like stroking. Unsurprisingly, I became fully hard and I told her that if she carried on like that she would make me cum. Her reply was simply 'Okay, if you want' and she started to wank me properly. It didn't take too long before I warned her I was cumming, as I shot my cum into the hedge. She took a tissue out of her pocket and wiped some cum off her hand and then wiped the end of my cock. 'Let's go home' she said and I got back into the car, happy having had my pee and a great handjob from my sister.

On the way home, I asked her why she wanted to watch me pee and she said it fascinated her. I told her that I'd love to see her pee and she smiled, saying she wasn't going to piss in the hedgerow like me! Our parents were away for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves when we got home. Carole decided she now wanted a drink (as she had been duty driver) so she opened a bottle of white wine and I had another beer. We sat chatting for a while, talking about our friends and stuff.

After some time she got up and said 'Come on then'. 'What?' 'You want to see me pee, don't you?' Wow, did I ever, so I followed her to the bathroom. Carole took off her jeans and I got to see her standing there in a pair of dark blue satin bikini knickers with some lace trim on the front, so sexy that my cock was rock hard at once. Carole had reached an age where she wore really sexy knickers rather than the little girl cotton pants she used to wear. She had obviously got her taste in knickers from our Mum who always wore incredibly sexy satin and silk knickers.

Anyway, my sister pulled her skimpy knickers down to her knees and sat on the toilet. Being blonde, my sister's pubes were very fair and fine so I could see her pussy clearly. She opened her legs and I knelt down in front of her to watch. To give me a better view of her pussy, she let her knickers fall round her ankles and opened her legs fully. Then she said 'Ready?' and as I nodded, she began to pee. What an incredibly sexy sight, my sister's cunt pissing inches from my face. I couldn't resist it any more so I got my cock out and started to wank myself off as I watched her pee.

When she had finished she just sat there, legs wide open, her finger circling her clit, watching me wank my very hard cock. I knelt a bit closer to her and before I came, I lifted up her dark blue satin knickers so that they were half way up her legs, just below her knees. I leant in closer and came in the knickers. Not as much as in the hedgerow when she'd wanked me, but still enough to leave a couple of good thick ropes in the cotton gusset of her knickers. With that she said 'Done?' and as I nodded she pulled her knickers up firmly round her damp pussy. She didn't bother to put her jeans back on so for the rest of our drinking time I had a gorgeous sight of her very wet knickers clinging to her pussy. She told me later that she loved the thought of my cum inside her knickers, against her pussy. Me too!!

We've had more pee wanking fun since but I'll save those stories for another time, if anyone likes to know more about me and my sister. We're in our late 30s now and still like to play with each other. I'd love to know if anyone else has had similar experiences and what you think of the fun Carole and I have.



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