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With My Sister

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I have always been fascinated with my older sister. Her name is Abby, and she is three years older than I. When we were teenagers, I would often find different ways to look at her beautiful body whilst she was changing or showering. Of course, most of these attempts failed; I was only able to see her a few times. But, once she went all the way.

One day our parents were out for the day and would not be back until late that evening. We had a pool in which we were not supposed to swim in unless one of our parents was there. Of course, we were bored so we went to swim anyway. I was 14 at the time and Abby was 17. I was still going through puberty so my teen hormones were overtaking me.

We decided to go swimming right after lunch, so it was pretty sunny outside. Before we were going to swim, Abby said that she wanted to tan. I thought to myself, 'what the heck, I'll join her.' So the both of us pulled up a lawn chair and laid in it. As I was putting my earphones on so I could listen to my music, I looked over to my left at Abby.

She was sitting up, and applying tanning oil to her legs. The way she was bending over, I was able to see her left breast. Her bikini top must have been too loose or something. She had perfectly made b cup breasts. When she was in her bikini she even looked more attractive: her brown hair, skinny body, nice ass, and perfectly small, but beautiful breasts. I was staring at her, not realizing that my cock was growing harder. Then she glanced at me, and I quickly turned my head away, as if she did not notice.

Then she said, 'looks like you were excited.' I of course said, 'What are you taking about?' and she pointed her eyes to my cock.' When I realized that it was standing straight up, I quickly shifted so she would no be able to see it any more, but it was already too late.

'I think it looks hot though,' said Abby. I was nervous and did not know what to say, so I said, 'you do too.' Then, embarrassed as I was, I went inside and began to watch TV. As I was, Abby came in and started talking to me again. I'm not sure what was going through her mind at the time, but she wanted for us to show each other their private parts.

I remorsefully said yes, but on the inside I was very happy. I was finally going to see my sister naked. She told me to take off my swimming trunks, so I did, revealing my hard five inch cock at the time. Her eyes were lit up. I had a good amount of pubic hair above it as well.

Then I told her that it was her turn, she took off her top, revealing her beautiful breasts, and then her bottom. Her pussy was more beautiful that I imagined. It was shaven, tight, and very wet. I stared at her nervously, yet excited at the same time.

Abby said, 'let's masturbate together,' so we each began to do so. I took my hand and began to stoke my dick; she took her hand and began to rub her pussy. I was very horny; my heart was racing. I never thought that I would be in front of my sister naked and masturbating, and her doing the same for me. We both started to go a bit faster. I noted that her breathing was becoming deeper and I could tell that she was becoming more wet because she was beginning to make squishing sounds with her pussy juices. I was getting hornier with the eventuality of her orgasm along with mine.

I felt the orgasm approaching. I shouted, 'I'm going to cum,' as she watched in excitement. I shot about five or six ropes onto my stomach. It felt great and Abby laughed at me. Then, her breaths became more obvious that she was close. Her hips began to move back and forth. She let out soft, tender moans. It was evident that she was having an orgasm.

Then she laughed again. I told her that it was fun. We exchanged stories on how we learned, when, etc. We put our bathing suits on and actually went swimming this time.

This was a great day for me; we only did this a couple time in our lives because we did not want to become too over run with the brother-sister thing. But, it was completely worth it.



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