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With My Sister

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I would like to share a true story with you. This happened to me when I was 16 years old, and I had a sister who was 13. I lived with my parents, my sister, and my older brother, who had moved out of the house by this time. We were a pretty normal family, and sex was never discussed. I knew that my brother masturbated because we had discussed it before, but I didn't have a clue about my sister.

One day, it was just the two of us home. Our parents were at work, and I think it was a school holiday and we did not have school. I woke up early, as I usually do, and went about my morning business. Later that morning, my sister was awake, and was in the bathroom. I did not think anything of it, but as I passed by I noticed some peculiar squishing noises. I then immediately realized what she was doing, and stayed and listened. We did not have locks on our bedroom doors, so this is probably why she is doing it in the bathroom. I noticed that the sounds were getting faster, and I could tell that she was breathing rather deep. I was extremely horny by this, and I could not believe that I was standing outside of the bathroom listening to my thirteen year old sister masturbate. Then, I heard what was noticeably an orgasm; she took a deep breath and the squishing sounds were louder and substantially faster.

I was getting very wet at the thought and sound of my sister masturbating, I stupidly stood there too long and she opened the door. She had the 'I've been caught masturbating look' on her face. I made a smart comment, 'Having fun in there'? She looked mad and I said sorry, and she said 'sod off', and stormed to her room. I was surprised, but not as much of her.

I was then feeling bad for her because I embarrassed her. I went and sat in my room for a while, and decided to go to her room and see if she was still mad or see if she was feeling better. As I knocked on her door, she answered and I told her sorry about earlier. I told her that I understood what she was doing and why she was doing it. I could tell that cheered her up, but then she unexpectedly asked me if I could do it with her.

My eyes popped, and I said sure. We both went into her room, and sat atop her bed, and just discussed the fact. She told me that she had been masturbating for a few years, and she found out from just playing around with herself. I told her my story, and then she said that we should get started before mom came home. I agreed, and told her to take her clothes off. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, and I as she pulled her jeans off, I noticed that she was not wearing knickers, which was surprising. I saw her young vagina. It was very cute, and she had a nice amount of pubes above her vagina. She pulled off her tank top, and then her bra. She had cute A cup breast that were still developing. She was cuter that I imagined, and she was quite a sight. Then she told me that it was my turn, and I said 'so it is,' and began to take off my clothes.

I was wearing gym shorts, and a t-shirt, which was what I slept in. I took off my shirt, then my bra, revealing my medium sized breast. I think they were either B or C cup then (I have 32 C now). Then I took off my shorts, then my panties, revealing my vagina. Mine was shaved, and this seemed to encourage my sister to do the same.

I said 'let's start', but we really did not know where to start. So I just suggested that we finger ourselves whilst watching each other. So we each took our fingers and began to masturbate.

I was very wet by this point, and I could tell that she was too. I heard her juices squishing with her fingers. The funny thing was I never really made that sound because I think she always got more wet than I did. Anyway, we continued to finger until I noticed that she was making funny faces, and I could tell she was getting close. Then, her chest rose, and she let out a soft moan, but her body was moving quite franticly. I followed not too long after. It was probably one of the beat orgasms I have had by just masturbating. We sat there and sort of laughed at each other, and then got dressed again. This was a fun experience. WE did it many times whilst are parents were out. I just recently did it with her last week, which brought me to write this story. I am now 19 and she is 16. As long as there're horny children, then there'll be some fun. So try it. Trust me.



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