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With My Older Sister and Her Friend

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A few years ago when I was 15, my older sister had one of her friends sleep over during the summer. They were both 17 years old at the time. My sisters name is Liz and her friend was Becky. This happened at our house fairly often back then. Usually we would both have a friend sleep over at the same time to be fair. However, this time, all my friends seemed to be busy that particular night. So I was pretty bummed for most of the night. My parents have a fairly decent sized house so once they went off to bed, we were pretty secluded. I didn't really want to hang out with the girls in the first place but I did mostly out of boredom.

Now my sister is an attractive girl but I never really thought about her 'in that way,' if you know what I mean. Her friend was smoking hot, though. They were both around the same weight and height and had the same boob size. Probably a large B cup. After my parents went to bed, they decided to change into their pajamas. When they came back to the living room, I was shocked. It was very hot that summer night and the outfits were very skimpy. Liz wore tiny shorts, no bra and a small spaghetti-strap shirt that exposed her slim belly. Becky had even smaller shorts on that exposed the bottom of her ass, no bra and a similar shirt.

Liz and Becky both joined me on the couch when they came back. Becky sat closer to me and I had a great view of her ass when she sat down. I could feel my cock begin to grow as we watched TV. They were flipping through the channels when Becky suggested that I also get into my pajamas. I told her that I usually sleep in my boxers during the summer. They both had no complaints. I tried to hide my hard on as I got up but I think Liz saw me.

I came back to the living room in just my boxers. Luckily, my boner had faded away after I left. I could hear them giggle a bit when I sat down. They were still channel surfing and reaching the higher ones. We all saw porno titles hit the screen. They were reciting the names and giggling. Liz turned one on that sounded the best to her. Immediately, we saw some dude banging a chick doggy style. My boner was instantly back and even harder. Both girls turn and look at my boner in my boxers. I try to cover it up but they already saw. Becky says nice and Liz says its ok, I'm getting pretty wet myself. Becky nods her head and says me too.

We keep watching for a few more minutes then I see Liz sit back and slip her hand down her shorts. Becky does the same. I sit there amazed at what I'm seeing. I look closer and notice that Becky's shorts slipped down a bit and she's completely shaved. I reach in my boxers and slowly start stroking looking at Becky. She notices and lifts her shirt up over her tits. This makes me stroke even faster as she smiles at me. Liz sees us and gets up, telling us to sift right so that I'm sitting in the middle.

As I'm seated, Liz stands in front of me with her back to me. She slowly peels off her shirt. Then she takes off those tiny shorts. I can't believe that I'm jerking off with my cock so close to my sister's ass. I feel Becky's hand in my boxers as I lean up and she peels them off me. Liz turns around and admires my 7 inch cock. She sits down next to me, practically on me.

Now it's Becky's turn. She takes her shirt completely off as I start stroking again and Liz starts fingering. Becky then rears her ass into Liz's trimmed pussy. Liz grabs Becky's hips as they grind. Now it's my turn. Becky grinds her ass on my hard cock as Liz moans. Liz takes the fabric of Becky's shorts and pushes it into her crack. I reach up and grab Becky's tits as I feel the skin of her ass grinding my cock. As soon as she's done, I slide her shorts down and she sits on the other side of me.

Liz then grabs my hand and guides my fingers to her wet pussy. Becky then follows suit with my other hand. The two different feelings were so amazing. Fingering my sister and her friend was so hot. Liz shuddered and loudly moaned as she came on my hand. She stopped me from fingering her and gave me a big kiss. I kissed down her neck and put a nipple in my mouth as I felt her hand wrap around my cock. My sister was giving me my first handjob and it felt so good.

Becky then rolled over and got on her hands and knees so I could finger her from behind. The view of her ass was amazing. Liz got on the floor between my legs and held her tits together over my cock. She went back to stroking when she couldn't keep my cock between her boobs. Liz kissed my thighs as she stroked. Suddenly, Becky had an orgasm as I fingered her from behind. She then kissed me and straddled me. Her ass right in front of my cock.

Becky pressed her tits in my face and told me to cum on her ass. As Liz stroked me faster Becky said that it was so hot that my sister was going to make me cum. Becky's juices dripped onto me and Liz used them to slicken up my cock. As I had Becky's nipple in my mouth, I whispered I was going to cum. The first stream hit Liz on the chin as she pressed my cock against Becky's ass. She held it there and massaged it as the rest of the cum slipped out on Becky's ass. The rest happened so fast. They gathered their clothes and quickly left, smiling at me.

I sat there in amazement for at least an hour.



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