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With My Neighbor in the Mountains

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My Family (My gorgeous wife Sharron, my son Alex and my daughter Liz) own a cabin/condo up in the Rocky Mountains. We take ski trips all the time and stay for weekends or a week and ski and shop and relax.

Well, our neighbors were our really close family friends, and Jim (the father) and Kyle (the son) and Alex and I decided to take a father-son ski trip. We arranged everything and headed up on a Thursday.

The boys took off for the slopes on Friday morning, but I had hurt my knee at work on Monday and decided skiing wasn't the greatest idea. Jim tore his ACL in highschool playing football, so we decided to just lounge around the room while the boys hit the slopes.

There is a great health club next to our condo, and admission is free, so Jim and I headed over there for some morning laps and a hot tub session before our mellow mountain day. We were showering up together when I noticed how nice his cock was. He was uncut (which I had never seen before in real life) and had a trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair. His balls were pretty large, and hung snug against his shaft. He was a big guy, and had big genitalia to match (almost seven inches.) I noticed him inspecting my goods in the shower also, but we both just laughed and hit the pool. (I am cut, pretty thick, six and a quarter inches long and I trim my pubes pretty short).

After laps we sat in the hot tub. The club was almost empty so I motioned to taking off our suits and just letting the tub soak us everywhere. He agreed and we were both naked in a flash. We had a pretty non-sexual conversation (about Alex and Kyle's grades, our wives, work, etc...) and then the topic of masturbation came up.

'Do you still do it?' He asked. I knew he knew the answer was yes.

'Of course. You too, right?' 'Yeah. I caught Kyle the other day.' Being a big kid (both were almost out of highschool, I knew Alex had masturbated. We had had one mutual session together that I will talk about some other time, and I knew Kyle and Alex had a few mutuals together. 'Really? How did that go for you?'

'Well,' he was a little embarrassed about something, 'We had a mutual session together.' 'Good! Alex and I had our first about two weeks ago, it was great. Our boys are becoming men, ya know!' I laughed. We shared details about our respective sessions with our sons, which got my blood pumping recalling Alex and I's awesome, 'hands on experience.'

'Lets go back to the room.' He motioned. We got into the showers and were both sporting raging hardons. His foreskin was peeling back to reveal a huge, plump head. We started kissing in the showers and then cut it short, got dressed and practically ran to the room.

When we got there, we were both naked by the time we were in the living room. We lay down on the king-sized bed, lit a fire, opened the curtains (the condo is kind of secluded and we were on the second floor, no chance of peeping Toms!) and started groping each others bodies. Both of us are in good shape, both hairy, and both bigger guys. We both played linebackers in highschool and are both what some people call 'bears.' I was licking his large, hairy nipples while he tickled my balls. We layed next to each other and started rubbing. He spat into his hands and started working my cock.

'You ever stroked an uncut cock?' He grunted in a low growl. 'No. Show me.'

'Help yourself!' He laughed and then started kissing my neck. I grabbed his thick cock and worked the foreskin. It was so smooth and every time my hands would roll over his glands, he would reel and shiver. I told him to sit on top of my hips. He ground my cock and balls against his balls and ass while I stroked him and played with his huge pecs.

He let out a deep moan and I felt him cumming. He arched his back, bucked his hips, as I did the same and he came all over my chest while I came all over his ass and back. It was one of the hottest and most intense orgasms I have ever had.

We left the trip knowing each other as better neighbors and we have mutual sessions with each other when our wives and kids are away.

I will tell the story of Alex and me some other time.

Happy jerking!



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