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With My J/Off Buddy - Ride Home from a Football Game

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Another episode with my JO buddy of 6 years, our beginning session was published Nov 14, 2008 at http://solotouch.com/story/six-years-with-a-jo-buddy-the-beginning-31796

I have six years of stories, do you want to hear more?


Ever since our first time that we jacked off together, Rick and I used every opportunity to jack each other off again. We would somehow make it a game or a dare. This story is about our ride home from an away football game. Since we had our driver's licenses, we were 16-17 years old.

I picked Rick up and we drove the 4 miles into town. We talked about when and how we were going to JO this night. We decided that the score of the football game would determine who got jacked first. We created some formula about our team's score and the opposing team's score that would be the deciding number: even score, my luck, odd score, his luck. We were catching a ride to the away football game with friends. The game was about a 45 minute drive so carpooling made sense and was more fun. The driver had his dad's 1969 Monte Carlo, a two door with a bench front seat.

Neither Rick or I were avid football fans, but we did like to hang out with our friends from school and enjoy the spirit of the game. Because of our JO bet, and how the score would effect the night, we had a lot more interest in the game! With every touchdown or field goal scored, we would re-calculate the outcome. So the game is over, we make our final calculation and I would be the first to get jacked.

Rick and I got back to the Monte Carlo first, and we crawled into the back seat. Our two friends sat on the front bench seat. Pursuant to our agreement, I announced that I was tired and was going to sleep on the ride home. I leaned against the driver's side wall, and stretched my legs across to the passenger side foot well, with one leg over Rick's lap, as he sat in the middle of the back seat, leaned forward and rested his arm and head on the back of the front seat, to visit with the two friends in the front seat. I took my coat off and covered myself with it like a blanket. While getting settled, I unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them, pushed them down a bit. As we started to drive Rick's left arm slid under my coat to find my hard cock. He started to fondle my cock and balls, gently tracing up and down the shaft, rolling my nuts with his fingers. He and our two friends were carrying on a conversation for the entire drive home. From jacking each other off so much, we were experts at giving the other a great hand job and could edge the other with great skill! He was slow stroking me the full length of my throbbing cock, which by this age was at its full thick 6 inch length with a big mushroom head. Rick knew that circling my cock head's crown drove me crazy as did his slow long strokes. He could feel when my body would tense up and he would drop my cock and fondle my balls, then start with my cock again when the immediate danger of cumming had passed.

I was so close to cumming so many times, and once couldn't stop from letting out a moan! One of the guys in the front seat even joked that Alex (me) must be having a wet dream, and hoped it was a good one! And they all laughed! Rick of course knew it wasn't a wet dream but was a very real sexual moan, and he started adding some "knowing" squeezes to his stroke as he kept me in edged bliss.

Rick added more stimulation to my cock by moving my cock head back and forth across the soft lining of my coat that covered our dirty little secret adventure! As we were nearing the end of our drive home, Rick worked at bringing me over the edge to make me cum. He slipped my tighty whitey underwear back over my cock and grabbed my cock through my underwear and stroked me until I cummed spurt after spurt! I know I soaked through my undies as Rick slid his wet finger across my lips! As we pulled up to our school, Rick made a show of waking me up and in the shuffle to wake me up and sit up I was able to pull up my jeans and re-snap them. We all tumbled out of the car, and I was hoping that my mess wasn't going to soak through my jeans before we said our goodbyes.

Rick and I got into my car, and we laughed about the buddy that recognized my moan as sounding like a wet dream moan! We drove towards home, and pulled into our favorite "parking spot" (it was on land his family owned and farmed) and we both pulled off our jeans and undies. It was my turn to stroke him off. His cock was just a bit longer than mine, maybe 6.5 inches, but not as thick, and his cock head was narrower than his shaft and more pointed. Rick's nuts however were HUGE! Like a pair of ripe tomatoes! Huge I tell you! Rick loved to spread his legs and have me jerk him off full stroke and fast to make his balls bounce. It was so fun seeing them bouncing up and down! It was like using one of those paddles with the ball attached by an elastic band, stroking up and down his cock with his balls bouncing up against my hand! Rick was yelling "Oh God, I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah, keep going!" so I grabbed my cum soaked undies and covered his cock and collected a huge load from Rick.

Being the horny teens we were, I was hard and ready to cum again, so Rick used all his skills and some of his cum as lube and got my second load out of me real quick. Of course, that load was added to my tight whites! We then got dressed and I wore my cum soaked undies home!



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