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With My Father in Law

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When I first met my girlfriends family I was amazed at how welcome they made may feel. I immediately hit it off with Dave, my girlfriends dad, and always felt at ease around him. He had a big booming laugh and always had a smile on his face. As time went on I married Sara and as a family we spent more and more time together.

Well one Saturday Dave asked if I could help him out with some building work in his garden, digging out some drains. It was always fun to spend time with him as he had a wealth of stories about his youth so of course I said yes.

At the end of the day we were both covered in mud and thirsty so when he offered me a beer we decided to down tools for the day. We came into the back of the house and Dave said that he would get strung up if we dragged all the mud through the house so suggested that we strip off our clothes and pop them into the washer and then go and have a shower. It seemed a smart idea so we both took our clothes off and he tossed me a towel and I headed for the bathroom while he headed off to his en-suite.

Now although we had spent a lot of time together this was the first time I had seen him naked. He is a bear of a man, not tall but broad, tanned as he worked outdoors, very hairy and when I glanced down I saw that his cock was really thick with a long foreskin and his balls hung down low from his body.

After my shower I joined him in the TV room with just a towel around my waist like Dave and started sipping on my beer. The TV was on and Dave started a running commentary on what was going on, something he did all the time. It was a family drama and Dave started talking about his life with Barbara, his wife, and hoped that Sara and I would be as happy.

He said that one of the things that kept his marriage strong was a good love life and what he called his private time. He explained that he and Barbara had a good sex life but that he also liked some time on his own and that he had developed quite a porn collection that he watched on his own as it was not Barbara's thing. I was a little taken aback but it was impossible to feel uncomfortable as he was being really open and honest with me. He said that he wasn't asking to hear any details but hoped that Sara and I talked about our sex life together so that things didn't become a problem.

I assured him that we were fine and also had a happy and contented relationship. He offered to let me have the run of his collection and took me over to a cupboard in the corner of the room.

It was stacked from top to bottom with porn videos and magazines, he said would I mind if he put one on, not to feel embarrassed, if I felt uncomfortable just say so.

I told him it wouldn't be the first porno I'd seen so go ahead.

I was totally taken aback as it was stronger than the videos I'd seen before and went straight into group scene with two guys and one girl.

As I said earlier Dave liked to give a running commentary on TV so as the action went ahead on screen he offered his take on what was going on.

He started with general comments but as the tape went on his comments got more sexual

'Go on darling, suck that cock!. Look at those cunt lips, look at how she's spreading them'

'Fuck her hard boy make her scream for more'

I must admit that although I was hard from the on screen action his comments were making me harder.

At the same time his hand had gone down to his towel and pulled it open to let his cock spring free. It looked very impressive veiny and straight with a monstrous purple head. He was pulling on the shaft with one hand and cupping his balls with the other massaging them roughly.

'Go on boy' he shouted 'join in' Now for me wanking had been a relatively quiet event but for Dave it was obviously not and while I opened my towel to let my hard cock free and began to stroke it Dave was really beginning to go for it.

'Fuck it, seeing her being screwed like that is making me so hard'

'Oh yes pull her cunt lips apart and stick your tongue in, make her beg for more'

I couldn't believe it I was getting so turned on hearing my father in law talking like that while hammering away at his rampant cock.

'Oh I'm coming' I heard myself say.

'Don't stop boy' he called back 'I'm almost there too'

I could feel my cum rising from my balls as my cock began to spasm

'Oh holy shit' I shouted as my cock began to twitch and spurt. Soon ropes of spunk were flying everywhere and it seemed to go on forever and I felt like I was being turned inside out. I hadn't come like that for ages. Dave was shouting encouragement to me.

'That's it boy milk your cock' Then 'OH FUCK, that't it YES!!! as his hips arched from the chair he shot the biggest load of spunk I'd ever seen, he seemed to go on forever.

As his orgasm subsided he kept milking away at his cock and rubbing his spunk into his cock and balls then lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. I must have looked a bit shocked as he said 'You should try it'.

Well sitting there naked covered in jiz with my father in law sucking cum from his fingers I wondered what next but Dave as usual was totally cool and just said that I was welcome to join him any time in the future and that he was going to check on the laundry!

This was the first of many times with him over the years and things moved on from just the two of us but these are stories for the future, let me know if you want to hear more via the comments section.




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