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With My Buddy

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This story happened when I was in tenth grade. I really fancied a boy in my class called Mike, although neither of us are gay (we both had girlfriends). Mike was tall and broad-shouldered, a bit shy. He had really beautiful brown eyes and thick lips. I was really curious about his body, except I was too nervous to check out his meat in the showers after swimming carnival. Only a few guys showered naked then.

Mike must have noticed that I liked him, however, because one day after football practice he came up to me in the boys' toilets. (We were the last two in the change rooms, having been dismissed late). I was standing at the trough-shaped urinal and relieving my bladder when Mike came and stood next to me, right in my face. With a kind of chuckle, he stared down and looked at my penis! Needless to say, I felt embarrassed and got semi-erect. I finished peeing in record time.

After the 'trough incident', Mike and I both sat down on the wooden benches in the boys' change room to get dressed. Mike seemed to be changing more slowly than usual and joked about men who are queer. Earlier in the week, some twelfth graders jokingly told us not to go into the boys' toilets because people were doing gay stuff inside. (Just older kids taking the piss out of naive younger kids with insecurity issues).

Suddenly, Mike turned around and pulled down his tightie whities. Most of the boys wore boxer shorts during school hours if they didn't want to be teased, but briefs were the norm for playing sport. (Briefs offered better support).

I gasped. Mike had the most gorgeous arse! The rest of his body was this deep, rich olive colour, like he was tanned, but his butt was snow-white. It's was so cute and so milky. I tried not to look but saw everything-his flanks, his cheeks, his crack, the trail of dark hairs leading to his ruddy sweet place. Man, he was built! I wondered what it would be like to touch his body and pulled down my briefs lower too.

Mike then turned around and started jerking his cock. It was about 5.5 inches (I knew he was just short of the 'average' 6 inches because I asked him later). His dick was quick thick though and the colouring was interesting. His shaft was white, like ivory, and his head was pink. I instantly imagined all the things Mike did with that magic wand when lights were out. (Did he jack off as much as me? Did he fantasise about the same girls? Did he shoot lots of cum?)

My own cock was just over five inches at this stage in my development and standing straight up out of my briefs (although my balls were still nestled tightly in my undies, high and feeling very tight). 'Hey man,' I exclaimed, pretending to be totally disgusted. 'You can't do that here!'

'Fine,' was Mike's only reply. Sulkily, he stood up and marched over to a stall. He closed the door of the stall with a click and sat down on the toilet seat. He gave a couple of groans and within thirty seconds it was all over. Mike was just a horny teen and so could cum pretty quickly. When Mike reappeared from the stall, he took a semen-stained finger and put it in his mouth, licking his own cum. I think he did this mostly to gross me out and it was pretty sick!!

The smell in the change room was pretty strong after this, but Mike assured me he shot his man juice into the toilet bowl, so no one would find evidence of his wicked ways. We both left the change room quickly and didn't mention the incident again. But sometime after that I let Mike stick his hand in my own undies (during a nature hike) and I shot three or four ropes of hot, wet sticky cum of my own. And yes, you guessed it. Mike lifted his semen-stained forefinger and fed me a taste of my own man juice. To this day, we're still good friends.



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