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With My Best Friend

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My first experience


So I've known my best friend Ty for a little over two years, and I've always sort of had a crush on him (I'm bi, but nobody knows). He's about 5'10' and well-built, brown hair and these gorgeous brown eyes with long eyelashes. Full, sensual lips and muscular. I'm an inch shorter than him, but built about the same. I work out less, though, so I'm not as defined as he is. Anyway, we'd talked about masturbation and sex and girls and our dicks like any guys do, but I had never been ballsy enough to broach the topic of doing it together. I've always fantasized about jerking with him, though, wondered what his cock looked like (he said he was seven inches and uncut, and I'm right at six and a half but have been circumcised), how he would look when he came, whether he would watch me.

We got into a big fight about two months back and quit talking to each other, but about three weeks ago he contacted me and we worked out our differences. Two nights ago, he came to stay the night and have a drink and talk with me on my back porch like we usually do.

He's straight, or so he says, and I'd never had reason to doubt it. Anyway, we started talking about life and girlfriends and work and some other stuff. My memory's pretty spotty, but I remember everything from the time our dicks came out, probably because I've been hoping for it to happen for so long. Anyway, somehow porn came up and he had his laptop. I suggested he put some on. 'No, if we start watching it then I'll want to jack off,' he said. I told him 'Nah, we can handle it,' all the while praying the exact opposite to be true, that I would finally get to live my fantasy.

He pulled up a lesbian video and started to get hard, his shorts moving at the crotch as he began to grow. The video had me at half mast, but seeing his dick get bigger under his shorts got me hard as a rock. I started rubbing my full, throbbing dick through my pants. I could see from the corner of my eye he was doing the same, entranced by the action on his computer screen. Rubbing that bulge... oh, I shivered. I guess it was confidence that gave me the courage to say 'Man, let's just jack off,' and my dick pulsed when he unzipped his shorts and pulled out his dick.

He was completely shaven, with nice huge balls that I'd seen before in a non-sexual situation. And though he'd always claimed to be uncut, I could see his scar and that the skin on his shaft was pretty tight. His dick itself was only actually about five inches, with a curve to the left and a big mushroom head that both matched mine. He had his body turned a little to the left, away from me, but I could still see everything. Trying to lighten the mood and ease him into what I hoped to do, I said something about his foreskin not being there. He admitted that he actually had been circumcised and didn't know why he'd said otherwise. All the while he had a loose grip on his dick, jerking it and looking at the screen. 'Yeah, but your scar's lighter than mine, I can barely see it,' I said, and he looked down first at my cock and then at his. I let go of it and quit stroking so he could see. He agreed, and then said something about how I was bigger, but his balls were larger. We both have bigger than average balls, and my nuts are sort of a source of pride to me, so I instantly challenged him. We both took our nuts in hand and held them up over our dicks so they wouldn't touch and faced each other, moving in til they were side-by-side. Mine were just as fat as his, but about a centimeter shorter in length. While we discussed this, I leaned in and touched my balls against his, and I thought I saw his cock jump. He didn't move away.

'Let's get back to that video,' I said. 'I've gotta cum.' We both turned back to the computer, and I waited til I heard him panting and knew he was at his horniest. I could barely believe what was happening, and I guess the unreality of it all gave me the confidence I needed. 'Do you want me to do it for you?' I asked, my heart in my throat. He looked up at me, and then nodded. 'Mm-hm,' he said, and let go of his cock. I'd always imagined it being longer than mine, from what he said, but I guess he lies like most every other guy. I took his dick in my hand and rubbed my palm down over the tip of the head. He shuddered. Then I wrapped my fingers around it at the base. It felt so hot (warm AND sexy) that I was finally touching his dick. I squeezed it just a little and said, 'If we're doing this, you have to do ME too.' He nodded and reached around my arm and grabbed my cock, immediately stroking away. I started on his, too, and we stood there for a few minutes, jerking each other's throbbing, leaking cocks. I couldn't believe how good it felt, to finally have his hand pulling on me, wanting to make me cum, and the feel of his dick moving under my stroking hand was driving me WILD.

Never in my life had I acted on my bisexuality before. I'd done plenty of stuff with girls but always been too weirded out by my attraction to guys to do anything about it. This was the first time I'd ever seen another guy's hard-on and the first time I'd ever touched a dick besides my own. I went to work on his dick like I've seen girls do in pornos, working the head with my thumb, tickling the underside of the head where I knew I got the best sensation when a girl was jacking me, and all the while jacking like there was no tomorrow. Ty moaned and every now and then slowly thrust his hips towards my hand, shoving his cock into my palm. I stroked him with my right hand, and fondled his balls. With my left I stroked myself. I was so hard it practically hurt, and after a few minutes I quit and said 'Let's lay down so you can get me at the same time.'

The whole time I'd been jacking his dick, his eyes had been half-lidded or closed, and he didn't even open them when I suggested the 69. He just lay down on the floor and turned to face me. Before I flipped around, I grabbed his cock and mine both with my right hand, which was slick enough by this point that I didn't need extra lube (which I keep in my drawer). I stroked both of our dicks together and we both thrusted up into my hand as it slid over our heads, which rubbed together as we moved. His eyes never opened, but he let loose plenty of those soft moans and kept thrusting into my hand, thrusting against my slick hard cock. Finally, I turned around and went to work again, and I felt him take me into his hand. I almost died of ecstasy. I stroked him and I came in seven or eight spurts and it seemed like I was shooting gallons, spraying it all over his hand and he came almost at the same time.

I had to leave for work at eight the next morning, and by the time I came home he was awake and walking around. We both agreed it was a GREAT first time jacking with another guy.



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