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With Mom

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With Mom
I was 14 and had experienced a few nocturnal emissions and morning erections, which led to masturbation, thinking about some of the girls at school. I had also seen a couple of soft porn magazines, but my friend Brian told me his dad had some really hard-core stuff in a drawer in their garage. So, I got home after school one day and went searching. The garage proved fruitless but I did discover some magazines in my fathers closet in the bedroom. I was amazed at the photo's. I'd never seen pictures like that or people doing those things. I sat on my parents bed, pulled down my shorts and underwear and was stroking my, now very, hard cock, completely engrossed in this new sexual discovery when my mother walked in.
I was so concentrated on looking and masturbating I didn't hear her come upstairs. I leapt off the bed, trying to pull up my clothes as my mother said "What are you doing?" "Nothing", I blurted out, turning away so she couldn't see my cock as I struggled to get my briefs and shorts up over my erection. "Yes, you were, what are you looking at?" "Nothing" I said again. She then picked up the magazine and started to flick through the pages. "Oh, I see" she said, as she sat on the end of the bed, "Is this yours?" "Yes" I lied, "Because your father has a collection of porno magazines, so you were jacking off?" I didn't answer, just stood there hoping she would magically disappear. "It's quite normal you know, for boys to masturbate, even men when they get older, your father still jacks off." "Oh" I said. "Come here" my mother said as she patted the bed beside her. I gingerly went and sat down. She opened the magazine and said "Which do you like, this one?" and she showed me a picture of a woman laying on a bed with her legs spread open, her pussy glistening. "Yeah" I said. "What about this? God this is quite a turn on" she said, as she turned to a picture of a man fucking a woman from behind, with just the head of his long cock in the woman's thickly haired pussy. I looked and was speechless.
My mother looked at me and said "It's ok to jerk off, in fact it's healthy for men and women to do it. Show me what you were doing when I came in." I gulped, my heart beating fast, "No, I... " "It's ok. I've seen men masturbate, and you must be quite frustrated, because you hadn't cum had you, when I came in?" I only nodded, not knowing whether it was a yes or no. "Look I'll hold the magazine for you" as she held it up, spread open. "Go on" she insisted, and she started to pull on my shorts. I pulled away and pulled them down myself. "And those briefs.", so I dropped them too. I sat on the bed as my mother said, "Scoot up and prop yourself on the pillows." I did so without any objection. I was very excited, my heart throbbing, but I wasn't hard, despite looking at the pictures. "Go on, stroke you cock" my mother gently demanded.
I was quite well endowed for a boy of fourteen, or so I know now, uncircumcised and about 6" when hard. Now, of course, due to the circumstances, I couldn't get hard at all, my cock just stayed limp. My mother slowly turned the pages of the magazine, commenting on the action, size of the men's cocks or women's breasts and labia. "You seem to be having a problem young man" my mother said. "Here, maybe I can help." To my astonishment she gave me the magazine, pulled my hand way from my cock by my wrist, and wrapped her hand around my cock. She started to stroke me, "You look at the pictures, I'll get you started" she said. I lay there without objection, not looking at the magazine but more at my mother and her experienced masturbation technique. I got hard quickly, as she knew how to stroke me, slowly pulling the foreskin down over the head of my cock so that the helmet dipped forward as she stretched the skin down. Once I was fully erect my mother stopped and looked at my cock, "Well, you are quite a man for your age, you're going to be a big boy when you get older, you take after your father." I watched as she manipulated my shaft, gripping and loosening as she pumped my cock. Slow strokes followed by quick, long ones. She also stopped to spread my pre cum over the glans, then let some of her spittle drop on my length as she lubricated my shaft.
"God, you do have a beautiful cock, wait until the girls get a look at you, you won't want for pussy." By now I was starting to get that familiar tingling feeling in my lions and my thigh muscles tensed. My mother must have sensed it too, as she looked at me and said, "Cumming, young man? Have you cum before?" I nodded, as my breathing got shallow and my ass cheeks tightened. I didn't want to cum in front of my mother but she was to wily for that and sped up her stroking, gripping my cock tighter, plunging her hand the full length and up over the head. I tried to suppress a moan as she fondled my balls and pulled my sack down between my thighs. This was too much, and I spurted my cum about three feet in the air, as my body jolted three or four times, each time more cum shot from the hole in the head of my cock. "Oh, God!" my mother exclaimed, "Look at you!, just let it cum my little man", as she kept stroking me as if milking my cum out of me. She took the cum that had run down my cock and spread it around my shaft. She kept on stroking my now very sensitive cock, it hurt and was ecstasy at the same time. " Come on my little boy, see if we can shoot again" I lay there, my body tingling from head to toe, as she pumped me fast and hard. Suddenly she stopped and stood up, "Let' see if this helps" as she dropped her skirt and panties, and for the first time I saw a real pussy, a cunt, a vagina, that wasn't a photograph. My mother was quite hairy, black to match her hair, and as she spread her outer lips, and I saw the most intimate parts of her, I instinctively started to stroke my cock. My mother got on the bed, facing me, spread her legs and started to play with her cunt. "Just bring yourself off, my little man, keep stroking, let me see you." Seeing my mother completely open and masturbating I shot my cum for the second time, "Yes, Yes" my mother breathlessly moaned, "Look at you, you little fuck boy, you cum so much, it's so white." She thrust two fingers in her cunt and she writhed on the bed, her toes curled under, she gripped the bed cover, and arched her back as the throes of an orgasm washed over her. She cried out and curled into the fetal position, her body shaking. I was scared shitless, I'd never seen a woman cum so this was like a demonic intervention. I watched stunned as she eventually relaxed. "Wow, this was most unexpected, but what a wonderful afternoon" she said. "Yeah" I could only squeak out from my dry mouth. "Lets go and get cleaned up, your father will be home" she said, as took the magazine back to the closet, knowing exactly where to place it, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door. I knew this could not be revealed to my father, and we silently seemed to agree to keep it to ourselves. I went into the other bathroom, looked at my now shrunken cock, and myself, in the mirror and smiled. I even started to stroke my penis but thought I'd wait until bedtime so I could take my time, reliving the afternoons experience all over a gain. --John.



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