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With Megan

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My girlfriend Megan & I started masturbating together by fluke about 15 years ago when we were both 20 years old. We were suppose to be going to a party but never made it. I went to Megan's house early. She lived with her sister & husband who were out that night. It was raining hard when I got there then before we left heavy thick fog rolled in trapping us. Megan's sister called to say they were not coming home until morning so we had the house to ourselves.

After a bit of our own little party Megan told me she had something to show me but I could never tell. She took me to the basement & reached in the back of a large cabinet taking out a video tape. She played the video & the first thing I saw was her sister with her husbands cock going in & out of her mouth! I was shocked & very interested at the same time. We sat back & watched Meg's sister suck his nice big cock for a while then he picked up the camera & recorded her face while he fucked her. She made some funny faces & the camera was pretty shaky. He kept going from her face to her tits then he pointed it down to his cock sliding in & out her pussy.

I was getting so excited watching the video. Soon the video changed to Meg's sister masturbating wildly. She was so good. She came on camera about five times & she was so loud. Seeing her cum like that made me even more horny. The last thing we saw was her sister kneeling down looking up at the camera asking him in a girly voice to give her his cum. We could hear the sound of him jerking his cock & he was breathing heavily. She pressed her nice tits out & held them up telling him to look at them. She smiled again & said her mouth was ready to drink his cum whenever he was ready to shoot. He told her to get ready & she opened wide with her tongue out. He leaned in & we saw the end of his cock go close to her lips. He grunted & shot his cum streams into her open mouth. It was like seeing it in slow motion. He had a good load to give her & she let every bit into her mouth. Once he was done she just closed her mouth & swallowed telling him how good it was. That was the end of the video.

Megan asked me what I thought & I told her I loved it & it made me horny. She asked if we should watch again & I said for sure. This time as the tape rolled we talked about what we were watching & when her sister was masturbating our conversation changed to our own masturbation habits.

It was the first time I had ever admitted to anybody that I masturbated. Telling Megan about it was so good, like I had opened my soul for her to see. Meg also admitted she was a regular jiller. We laughed & laughed then Megan blurted out what was the most wonderful question ever. It was very simple. She said, do you want to do it right now with me? I blurted right back, sure!

That was it. We giggled a bit while we wiggled out of out jeans & tops then we sat down again on each end of the couch. Megan asked who was going to go first & I suggested we both do it at the same time.

What a truly wonderful experience it was. There we were, two skinny naked & somewhat shy girls about to dive into something nasty. I felt so alive & sexy. I don't know if it was more exciting to see her doing it or to be watched doing it myself. All I know is I loved it & so did Meg.

We never put our clothes on again that night. We masturbated off & on together & each alone until almost 4 am. We slept until 10:00 & Megan was up first. I woke up horny & Megan was not in the bed. I was wet & could not wait to get my fingers moving on my clit again. I kicked off the blankets & opened my legs wide. I flicked my clit from side to side & orgasm was not far away. While my first orgasm was just beginning to tingle Megan came back down the hall & into the room. I came hard as soon as she walked it. All she did was stand at the end of the bed & watch me cum. Very arousing & sexy. Megan sat on the bed & asked if I was done or just starting. I said I was not close to done yet & she should join me. She sat beside me with her legs & ankles crossed & said she was just going to watch me for a while. I put on a private show for her & being watched made me cum fast & hard over & over. Megan gave her own little performance once I was all orgasmed out. It was a very wonderful & special day & the first of our life of jilling together.

Megan still has the hot body she did back then & I guess I have not changed too much either. What has not changed is our desire to be together & masturbate. We've been doing it for so long now but the thrill is just as good. We have talked about inviting another lady to join us but we're afraid she'll freak & tell. It's probably best to keep it as is. We do enjoy ourselves quiet a bit.

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